Saturday, July 16, 2016

2016 Ironman Lake Placid Start List

Next Sunday, Amber Ferreira will be defending her Ironman Lake Placid title. They didn't have a 2015 pro race so this will be the first time professionals will race on this course since Amber's 2014 victory. If you have been following Amber's race schedule this year, you will have noticed solid performances with her triathlons and stellar performances in her bike and running races. The swim seems to be her weak link thus far in 2016, but as luck would have it, Lake Placid has a nice line to follow as well as it is a well-known course to Amber. So no excuses there. Not that I think she'll need them, She overdue for another win and my prediction is that we will see it next weekend.

Because it doesn't have much of a prize purse, the field might not be as deep as some of the others Amber has raced, but that doesn't mean it will be any less competitive. As it appears to be the case with every race Amber has entered in the last year and a half, Lake Placid has attracted some of the best triathletes in the world. Most notably Heather Jackson and Alicia Kaye.  These girls are bound to put up a strong fight but I think Amber will come out on top.

Pro Start List:
1 Heather Jackson
2. Kelly Williamson
3 Alicia Kaye
5 Kaitlin Anelauskas
6 Christine Avelar
7 Neilia Bliss
8 Kate Bruck
9 Florence Chretien
10 Erin Green
11 Rachel Jastrebsky
12 Caroline Martineau
13 Jodie Robertson
14 Molly Roohi
15 Beth Shutt
16 Nicole Valentine

 17 Annah Watkinson 

Save all your positive vibes for next weekend and send straight to Amber!
Despite the fact that she is the defending champ, she will be going into this races as an underdog. Which is in her favor. A few things Amber has going for her coming into this race include the race itself(not a pancake flat course, the hills and grinding nature of this course will thin the herd), her experience on it(in addition to her win in 2014, she also raced in 2011 and 2010), as well as her bib number(4 is her lucky number!). But truly the real thing going for her is her ability to day in and day out continue to do work and get stronger and become a better athlete. No matter what the result of the races this year, she has produced far better individual race results which is a sign of what is still to come.

"It's easy to keep going when you feel strong and good. Anyone can do that. But to be able to continue when you feel horrible-that's what you're really training for. So keep on running, through the pain and reluctance. Do you really expect to get through this Expedition-this day, this race, this life for that matter-without some of the old blood, sweat and tears? No chance. That's part of the point of it all. So keep on running...."

Let's all focus our good vibes and positive thoughts towards her and her race next weekend.Good luck Am!

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