Monday, August 4, 2014

Recent Media Exposure for Amber Ferreira

If you missed my last blog post, Amber won Ironman Lake Placid! She has been experiencing a huge amount of media exposure and hopefully some of this can net her some good sponsorship deals(most of Amber's competitors don't have to work because of sponsorship deals with local companies... meanwhile Amber works 25+ hours as a PT, plus another 10-15 coaching/training and then she has to put in the 20-25 hours/week for her own training). If she can snag some sponsors who can help defray the costs of traveling to competitions, I would really love to see how well she can do in the future.

Here are just some of the articles, audio and videos that feature Amber:

Level Renner(article)

WJJY- Nazzy in the Morning! (Audio from radio interview)



Concord Monitor( short article)

Concord Monitor(feature article)



NBC News(article)


Want your company's name on Amber's singlet? Contact her!

Up Next: Ironman Mont Tremblant on August 17th! Stay Tuned for Race Preview.

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