Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Peru Trip: Cusco Part 1

The original plan was for me to arrive in Cusco Sunday morning and explore the town a bit and then meet my brother, Matt, on Monday morning and we would visit the musuems and acclimate before heading out for some hiking at Ollytaytambo and Macchu Pichu later in the week.
Unfortunately Matt ended up not being able to come but I tried to adhere to the plan.
I arrived at 5am in Cusco and decided to walk into the city center since I had 8 hours until I could check into my hotel. Its about 5k into town and you're gradually climbing the entire time.

I arrived into city center and realized it was only six. Luckily I packed especially light for this trip so only had a daypack.  I grabbed a huge piece of bread being sold for 1 sole (33 cents) and continued to climb. Off in the distance I could see what looked to be a mini Christ the Redeemer statue on the hill. After another hour or so of climbing I reached it and it was a mini Christ the Redeemer (they call it Christo Blanco). Considering how small Peruvians are, they probably don't even know there's a bigger one out there.
My knee held up well on the climb but started giving me trouble as I descended. Once I got back down, I decided I'd earned an early lunch. For seven soles I was able to get soup, a juice and an entree. Well worth it.
After lunch I finally checked into my hotel and then took a nap. I spent the evening just exploring the historic part of town.
I awoke sore and swollen the new morning so I decided to take it easy. I bought thd boleto touristica pass which allows you in to 16 sites through the Sacred Valley. Just Ollytaytambo alone makes it worth while but that's another story .
After three musuems of varying degree of quality and it not being yet noon,  I decided to walk back up to my old friend JC. Once I got there and not feeling bad at all I decided to upward passing through saqueastanm. I ended up getting turned back by a trail abruptly ending but by the time I came back to town I had covered a little over ten miles. And felt good. Not wanting to push my luck, I called it a day since I was headed to ollytaytambo the next morning.

But I will save that for another day.

Until next time,


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