Sunday, January 31, 2016

Kenny Finally Makes it To Barbados!

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It's been less than a week since I have returned from Barbados when Kenny and I had spent an excellent time. I realize that it be Posh Corps if there was a position in Barbados but the transition back has been tough.   Not just because of the torquoise water, delicious fresh fish, friendly locals who don't yell at you when you run by, copious amounts of pickles(thanks Marilyn!), sidewalks, or lack of burning trash. Although all those things were nice too.

The transition has been especially tough because it's nice waking up beside someone you love and can spend the day with. Waking up in my bed-net by myself isn't quite the same ;) The funny thing is I wouldn't necessarily say I'm home sick per se. Despite all of my griping, I really do enjoy it here and I have several good projects that I'm working on. And I'm grateful for sunny days and plenty of time to read. As well as other things.  But there is something to  be said about having a good co-pilot. Someone equally willing to explore a cave and run up a hill as sit on the beach or lie in a hammock.And she brought with her things that made me wanna see the rest of my family. But it's all good it makes you appreciate every more! Okay enough already, you wanna hear about the trip!

But first, who is the real Kenny?
Image result for kenny from south park Image result for kenny from south parkor  

haha. okay sooooo about Barbados:

Barbados is great! As you already read, there are monkeys, friendly but crazy people and a UNESCO site in the downtown. But there's more. My parents were awesome and bought Kenny and me a sunset Turtle snorkling tour on a catamaran which I HIGHLY recommend. Even if we didn't see any turtles it would have been great. We were only in about 30 .feet of water so I was able to dive down and snag a sand dollar and still had enough O2 for a little sea floor exploration. It's so nice to have such good water clarity. And there was an all-you can eat buffet and bar which was pretty spectacular and had a far larger range of food(and drink) options than our trip to Aruba.

We spent a day at the beach which was so relaxing, another exploring Bridgetown, having great food and walking along the beaches. We went to Oisten's Friday Fish Fry which did not disappoint. Although I wish I had taken a picture of Kenny's face as her snapper was served head and all:).

The only thing that I would say was a disappointment was Harrison's Caves.

 If you are to do it, go all in with the exploration package because otherwise you are just traveling on man-made passageways. There are probably 50 better caves experiences in Virginia and of course had nothing on Mammoth Caves. I'd say spend the extra time at the beach or maybe exploring the Garrison tunnels. Or check out the boats in the Bridgetown harbor, or grab some fresh fish or fruits. Or anything other than the caves. The best part of the caves was the ride out with a taxi driver who warned Kenny not to fall in love with him because he's already had two women fly him to the states to get married. But it "wasn't for him" so he came back.
Kenny decided to decline taxi driver's offer and spend her time with me ;)

Overall we had a great time and I am excited to come back in April to spend some  time there with my parents. I have already warned them that I will be very disappointed if they are as fun to hang out with as Kenny was ;)
 Not how I read in Guyana

As Kenny was leaving, I was humming the John Denver song "Leaving on a Jet Plane". I had always felt bad for him thinking it was a romantic love song, but that day it just struck me as selfish. The guy is leaving to go somewhere fun and he's asking the girl to stay and wait for him. Maybe it's guilt on my end since I'm kinda doing that with my loved ones. Just stay exactly as you are now and I'll be back eventually. I think I'll be in for a rude awakening when my two nieces are considerably different than how I left them. We are always changing and adapting and I just hope I adapt with them all. 

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  1. It sounds like an awesome trip! So glad you and Kendra had some quality time together! Have fun and be safe back in your temporary home...until you are back here!

  2. We love you, Dan! You are so awesome. Not to mention a fantastic writer. Loving reading your blog.

  3. It was an awesome and memorable trip :) I can't wait to see you again in GUYANA!