Monday, January 23, 2017

Charlotte Running Company Trail Half-Marathon

This past Saturday, I ran a trail half marathon at the US Whitewater Training Center outside of Charlotte. This was probably one of the biggest trail races I've ever done with over 370 finishers at the half marathon distance which also had a simulataneous nine mile race. From looking at my GPS after the race, you would have thought wrong-way Ferreira struck again, but for once, I was able to stay on course. The course just happened to be over two miles short.

Which wouldn't have been a problem except 1) I had entered this race as a good mid-distance tempo training run for my upcoming marathon so mileage did matter and 2) I was pacing myself for 13 so when three people passed me at what I thought was mile 10, I wasn't concerned thinking I had 3 miles to catch back up.

As it was I got an abbreviated training run in, a worse place finish than I probably could have had I known the distance, and a tweaked left hip from slipping all over the wet clay ground. I can't say that it was a good training day and since I've now had to take off a few days to recuperate from my hip strain, I definitely set myself back a bit. Oh well. At least I got a cool sweatshirt from the race.

Hopefully, I'll only be out of commission a couple days and will be back on track since I'm now only six weeks out from the Columbia Marathon. I have one more long training run scheduled for Feb 4th and after that it's all about maintaining fitness and healthy until the marathon.

On a side-note, Kenny and I are heading to Myrtle Beach for the weekend so hopefully I'll have a more interesting thing to write about next week:)

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