Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Top 5 Drummers Who can Sing

In Guyana, there is no Pandora. So to listen to music, I resort to pulling up Youtube videos of the music I want to hear(to drown out the Soca and/or Chutney blaring everywhere). And I have been craving the Band like crazy lately and typically just find the lyrics video since it streams better. BUT I just saw a music video(maybe from the Last Waltz?) and saw the Levon Helm was playing the drums. Which I didn't realize was his instrument. Both my father and my cousin, Ryan, were(are?) really good drummers but(as far as I know) neither can sing(well). So it got me thinking how many good singers were also the bands'(no, not that band) drummer.
I came up with these guys:

1. Levon Helm(The Band)- I have loved the Band since I was a kid and my parents got me a mixed tape and one of the songs was Up On Cripple Creek. Well I have no musical talent of my own, I do have an appreciation for music and for that I can thank my parents for exposing me to some awesome music growing up. I  had no idea who they were but every song of theirs I liked/like:

2. Don Henley(The Eagles)- The Eagles are/were/are great and I also like Don Henley's solo stuff but I think he played guitar then.

3. Phil Collins(Genesis)- So the song here is actually when he's one his own because I like it alright! But he was singer/drummer for Genesis and also was drummer for Peter Gabriel's solo album I believe.

4. Dave Grohl(Drummer with Nirvana/singer with Foo Fighters)- So he's a little bit of a cheat but I wanted to put someone in Ringo. Dave's a great drummer but does his singing with a guitar as part of Foo Fighters.

5. Ringo Starr(The Beatles)- Well there had to be five right?
Then you've got a bunch of really talented musicians who can play the drums in addition to other instruments(have you seen Danger Mouse? He goes from instrument to instrument during concerts. Also I hear Prince who just passed away also would record each instrument in his songs himself during studio recordings). And what about Trent Reznor? Technically he's every band member of NIN right? Okay, anyway, there you have my list of the top five drummers who also could sing:)


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