Saturday, March 12, 2016

Taper Time; or A Tour of Georgetown

With only 8 days until the French Guiana Marathon, I am in full taper mode. That means fattening myself up(errr. “replenishing my muscle glycogen stores”), getting copious amounts of sleep and reducing my run volume. This week, my mileage will be less than half what it was at its peak.

Side-Note: I hope you have heard of the confirmation bias by now. It’s when you ignore argument against your position and seek out and respond only to those points that agree with your position. 
Because of this bias, you confirm your original hypothesis but only because you are not open-minded about the hypothesis. Case in point. My taper. Some taper plans wouldn’t have me drop so dramatically nor taper for as long as I have, BUT I have found internet websites that agree with me. And all those that don’t? I ignore them. Oh you agree with them? Then I’ll ignore you too and enjoy my taper time, thank you very much ;)

Okay so regardless if you think I have an overabundance of tapering in my marathon training, I do. And that means that today, a Saturday, which usually would involve a long(ish) run and then a shorter afternoon run was totally free until shorter(ish) evening run. So I decided to do a tour of Georgetown.

 This is partially due to the fact that my mom was asking me about where I lived and I couldn’t really do it justice. Georgetown is totally different than New Amsterdam in all ways positive(except no cane fields to run in).

Armed with a water bottle and my new amazing Cannon digital camera which handily fits comfortably in my pocket, I took off to reconnoiter for my mum.

After last post’s diatribe on the importance of reading, I figured I better appease all my TV watchers out there. This blog will be pretty much just pictures from here on out. EnjoyJ
My apartment

Another view

My street

Church St Park- A few blocks from my place

A church

Georgetown's Supreme Court

Staebrock Market- I read one description that said( that this isn't a direct quote) once the site of the slave trade market now it is a site for a different type of slave trade: that of sweat shops and cheaply made products. I can see that...

The bus park

One of the highest wooden structures in the world?

The National Library-created with the help of Andrew Carnegie in 1907

One of my favorite streets in GEO

Not sure if you can read it, but that's an Ice Factory

The Prime Minister's residence

The lighthouse at the junction of the River and Ocean

Molasses to supply the rum distillers

A koker to keep the town from flooding. Thank you Netherlands!

The Harbor

The Ocean

A lot of random dead fish... maybe bait? 

A memorial for the Amerindians-a benab in the middle of the city


The National Park where I do most of my running

The manatees that swim beside me as I run

National park

Oversized lily pads.

So that's the end of the tour. Hope you got to see a side of Georgetown that you may not hear about. It is definitely beautiful down here, and it's a good day for the race.

Until next time,


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