Monday, June 15, 2015

2015 Ironman Couer d'Alene Pro Start List

After Ironman South Africa didn't go as planned due to a respiratory infection, Amber changed up her season's schedule-foregoing the US Championships in Texas; opting instead for the extra 6 weeks of training to prepare for Ironman Couer d'Alene which is coming up next week on June 28th. Granted this also afforded her the ability to race Pineland Farms 25k which she won and allows her to race the Mount Washington Road Race this weekend(see the preview of the race here). Having ridden with her on a few occasions this year, I can say that she's probably in the best bike form that she's ever been. As I've avoided the pool, like the plague, I cannot attest to her swim abilities but I suspect they have also improved. Point is: I expect good things from her on June 28th. It won't be because of lack of competition though. Below is female pro start list and as you will see there will be several Ironman Champions on the start line. My money is on Amber though.
  1. Amanda Stevens
  2. Dede Griesbauer
  3. Heather Jackson 
  4. Amber Ferreira
  5. Alyssa Godesky
  6. Sarah Jarvis
  7. Leslie DiMichele Miller
  8. Kim Schwabenbauer
  9. Anne Basso
  10. Katy Blakemore
  11. Terry Casey
  12. Haley Cooper
  13. Olesya Prystayko
  14. Sarah Graves
  15. Amy Javens
  16. Tamara Kozulina
  17. Mackenzie Madison
  18. Michelle Mighdoll
  19. Jen Annett
  20. Laura Siddall
Amber Ferreira-Pro Triathlete's photo.

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