Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Women on Wellness

On March 14, 2015 from 9am to 4pm at the Smile Building in downtown Concord, Amber will be part of the Women on Wellness conference presented by the Center for Health Promotion. This is just another example of Amber going out and being a fitness hero and working to promote a healthy community. This will also be just a few days before she takes off for South Africa to start her 2015 triathlon season with the African Ironman Championship.

This day looks to be really interesting and is close to Amber's heart. There will be four break-out sessions on various topics on women's health such as the psychology of happiness, breast cancer prevention, yoga, mindfulnesss and the power of positive thinking. You will have the opportunity to choose between several different options so there are sure to be topics of interest throughout the day. There is also a keynote speaker about finding joy and confidence in self-expression.

My day would look like:
  • Session #1: Reaching Your Full Potential-Amber Ferreira
  • Session #2: Power of Pause- Margaret Fletcher
  • Keynote Speaker: Teresa R Rosenberger
  • Session #3: Ancient Secrets for Modern Times-Nancy Kalinski
  • Session #4: The Delicate Relationship between Stress, Hormones, Sleep and Weight- Laura Jones

 You can find out about all of the topics and register for the day here.

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