Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Amber and the Chipmunks!

Be Prepared for a chipmunk infestation at Nationals!

I had my wisdom teeth out in high school and I remember being out of it(more so than usually) for several days and my face was swollen for a week. I would not have considered going for a jog, no less a race. In contrast, Amber had her wisdom teeth taken out yesterday(with just local anesthetic which alone goes to show that she's not human) and is planning on racing in the US Snowshoe Nationals this Saturday!

If you haven't seen pictures as a child, you may never have gotten the full effect of just how much chubby cheek potential she has.

Guess which one is Amber and which one is the chipmunk?

While I'm not above posting unflattering baby pictures of Amber and calling her a chipmunk, I am above taking pictures of her within 24 hours of having her wisdom teeth out so therefore you will have to use your imaginations for her current status.

The funny thing is, though, despite this, I still expect that Amber is going to do amazing this Saturday. Looking at the women who have qualified, there certainly are some very strong competitors out there but my bet is on Amber. I went running with her the other day and she put a hurting on me and I'd like to think that's due to her fitness level not mine lacking. The majority of the course, which I ran a couple weeks ago, is in her favor with lots of climbing. She hasn't raced on snowshoes yet this year so I know she be like a chipmunk at the Planter's Factory.

If you have nothing going on this weekend, I'd suggest heading out to Prospect Mountain in Woodford, Vermont to check out some of the best trail, snowshoe and mountain runners in the country vying to be on the US Snowshoe Team and you may even spot some wildlife.

Amber, Simon, Theodore!


  1. Good luck to you and Amber at ss nats! Just a note of caution from my experience. I only took 2 days off from running when I had my wisdom teeth out in college. They oozed blood for 10 days after the surgery due to the pounding and bouncing jaw during running. I was concerned but the Dr. was not and the holes healed up nicely. I'm rooting for Amber to get the gold!

  2. You guys and your sense of humor crack me up!!

  3. Thanks Greg! Amber luckily didn't have the same issue and was able to get the gold! Hutch we try our best;)