Friday, June 14, 2013

2013 Mont Tremblant 70.3 Pro Field

Although it seems like we've just got back from Annapolis, Maryland after Eagleman 70.3, next week we will be back on the road again; this time to the Great White North. Amber will be competing in Mont Tremblant 70.3 and once again this race is STACKED! In addition to some of the best 70.3/IM distance triathletes like Heather Jackson and Linsey Corbin(amongst many others) it also appears that the ITU invasion does not stop at the border.

With that said, having done Ironman Mont Tremblant last year myself, I think that this course caters to Amber's strengths. It's got a nice mix of rolling hills and flats on the bike and is beautiful. The run has a good amount of bike path with a few steep kickers(maybe only one for the half?). The only downside I see for Amber is the very loooooong swim to bike transition as T1 is typically not one of her strengths(it's amazing that my biggest criticism of Amber's triathloning abilities is how quickly she can change!).

If you have the opportunity to make it up North I would definitely recommend it. Mont Tremblant is gorgeous and there is a nice park to explore as well as a casino for those gamblers out there. Oh yeah and some of the fastest pro women triathletes competing!

Here's the start list for the 2013 Mont Temblant 70.3 race on June 23rd:

Magali Tisseyre WPRO 31 CAN

Annie Gervais WPRO 38 CAN

Linsey Corbin WPRO 32 USA

Heather Jackson WPRO 29 USA

Melanie McQuaid WPRO 40 CAN

Sara Gross WPRO 37 CAN

Jackie Arendt WPRO 28 USA

Monica Dalidowicz WPRO 35 CAN

Marie Danais WPRO 42 CAN

Amber Ferreira WPRO 31 USA

Brooke Brown WPRO 34 CAN

Lisa Mensink WPRO 36 NLD

Kristyn Robinson WPRO 31 BER

Tara Ross WPRO 32 CAN

Caroline St-Pierre WPRO 24 CAN

Suzanne Zelazo WPRO 37 CAN

Isabelle Gagnon WPRO 39 CAN

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