Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vermont City Marathon

My goal of Boston 2014 or Bust will be commencing this weekend as I have(some will argue stupidly) signed myself up for the Vermont City Marathon. I had originally considered giving myself an extra week of training and entering in the Minneapolis marathon but I was quick to realize that a 2 week training program as compared to three really would be no different and I would be utterly and hopelessly underprepared to run a marathon.

As it would happen, Big Lake Half Marathon will have to serve as my long run(it is actually my longest run in the last 9 months) but I was able to get one week of 30 miles in so this will be interesting. In last ditch efforts to get fit fast, I googled "how to train for a marathon on little mileage". In addition to Amber's little article on how to train for a marathon in two weeks, all I came across were articles upon articles stating that it wasn't advisable. I even found an article that lumped beginner runners and low-mileage runners(under 20 miles a week) into the same category and recommended the walk-run approach to marathon completion.

Unfortunately, I'm not looking to just finish the marathon but to qualify for Boston. I figure that worst comes to worst this race will be my first real long run of the year and I can build my fitness up to run a later-in the summer marathon.

Either way, I plan on having a fun Memorial Day weekend, spending the Saturday with my parents up in Vermont, running the race on Sunday and hiking(assuming my quads are still attached) with Amber in the Whites on Monday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday:)

Only TWO MORE WEEKS until Eagleman! ALL 3 Cullen girls will be racing!!!

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