Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Now

With the new year on the doorstep, people spend more time looking back(see: recaps) and to the future(see: resolutions). Unfortunately, it is not limited to the holidays. We talk about living each day to the fullest then spend each day focusing on the past or future. We are so often looking to our past with fondness(or regret) and our future with trepidation (or anticipation) that we miss the present moments. Our lives are just a series of present moments. Now, now... and now, and now.....

You may not be able to control where you are or what you need to do right now to stay employed but you can certainly control how you feel and whether you remain in the moment instead of looking forward to some "other" time. There will always be some other time but why not just be in the one that's happening now? How many times have you reached for a second bite of dessert while still having the first in your mouth or planned another vacation while still on one? And those are fun things!

Instead of dreading your day of work ahead of you, why not do it with intention? Focus on something positive like how deep your breaths can be, how springy your steps are, or maybe just the warmth of your office chair. I think we are always so driven by the future that we very rarely just get to appreciate the moments of our lives. So for this new year join those people that you love doing the things that you love and try to think of nothing but how much you are glad for where you are at this very moment and stop worrying about the future. All things will eventually change so don't try to stop(or worry) about that occurring but rather just enjoy and appreciate the moments that you do have before they are gone... and gone... and gone...

A easy way to stay mindful and in the moment:

May we all be filled with lovingkindness.

May we all be safe from inner and outer dangers.

May we all be well in body and mind.

May we all be at ease and happy.

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