Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ironman Arizona 2013-Pro Females

Amber has one more weekend prior to heading out to Tempe Arizone to compete in the 2012 Ironman Arizona. If you recall from last year, Amber had an amazing race. I am not expecting anything less this time around. Based on her solid performances at Poconos and Miami both which involved zero tapering, Amber looks primed for a stellar performance. As always you can follow her at ironman.com.

Last year's race was stacked and this year promises to be just as competitive.

Here's the start list for IM Arizona 2012:
Cave Leanda

Corbin ,Linsey

Kessler, Meredith

Williamson, Kelly

Gross, Sara

Piampiano, Sarah

LaMacchia, Leslie

Smith, Jessica

Homo, Malaika

Shutt, Beth

Schwabenbauer, Kim

Lie, Kristin

Lewis, Cindy

Abraham, Corinne

Wernick, Charisa

van der merwe, Natasha

Bromme, Uli

Young, Erin

Gordon, Jacqui

Weerd, Mirjam

Pekerman, Nina

Morrison, Janelle

Kozulina, Tamara

Deim, Trish

Ferreira, Amber

Vaidyanathan, Anu

Mannweiler, Kathrin

Talk about stacked!   And speaking of stacked, the boys at aR are going for a three-peat at the RI 6 Hour Relay down in Warwick, RI. This year's team doesn't have any studs like Judson Cake, but everyone is solid and could just pull off that elusive 23rd lap: 1)Eric Williams 2)Brian Lavoie 3)Sean Snow 4)Yourself Truly 5)J Massa 6)Rich Lavers
That's this Sunday and should be fun...

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