Thursday, September 8, 2011

Winter Wild Championships at Bretton Woods

Mark your calendars! On St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, 2012, I, along with Rich Lavers, will be making my race directing debut. We will be hosting the Winter Wild Championships at Bretton Woods and it will be presented by acidotic Racing.
Bretton Woods- Course with run counter-clockwise traversing entire mountain
Chad Denning addressing the crowd before the race

Winter Wild, started by Chad Denning formerly an adventure racer on TEAM EMS , is a unique mountain race. As featured on WMUR last year, it noted that unlike the typical mountain racing, seen through the Mountain Race Series, Winter Wild allows participants to get up(and down) the mountain using any(non-mechanical) means they choose. You often see snowshoers, runners in Microspikes and cross-country skiers all competing for the front of the pack.

However, some brave souls use downhill skis which are pretty slow on the uphill but fly on the downs. Also snowboarders have the option to run up, carrying the board, and board back down. 
Those runners usually catch the skiers on the uphills

In the past, the skate-skiers have won the races but I would like to see if we could get some of the faster mountain racing guys out there whether a runner could win overall. It would be pretty amazing to see some CMS and aR runners competing against the NordicMeisters and the likes of the Freeman brothers to truly determine the "most fit" athletes.

This course definitely has the makings of a fair course as there will be several ups and downs to ensure those skiers cannot get too much of a lead.

Amber Ferreira about to Summit Pat's Peak last year

Danny Ferreira pushing past a skier
As with all acidotic Racing events, we will be sponsored by Red Hook brewery as well as several other great sponsors and will be expecting to host an excellent post-race raffle. Additionally, any one racing the entire series will be vying for awards for overall finishers within their category.

Should be a fun and competitive race and hope to see everyone there!

A link to the race's registration can be found here.

Up Next: Danny: Adirondack Marathon, Danny and Amber: Pocono's 70.3

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