Thursday, September 15, 2011

Winter Wild Championship- A Fun Race for EVERYONE!

Provided you are not allergic to snow, you most likely are able to participate in the Winter Wild Championships at Bretton Woods on St. Patty's Day 2012. Whether you downhill or cross-country ski, snowshoe, run, snowboard, hike, or just plain walk you can always participate in the Winter Wild Series.

New to the series this year, though, is the Challenged Athlete division which allows people in wheelchairs to utilize adaptive mountaineering equipment to climb the mountain, and monoski down. This year the racers will have to obtain their own equipment, but we're trying to see whether for future years we can get an adaptive company out on the slopes to let racers demo their products.

aR and Winter Wild will also be working with the "Let's Move Campaign" and will be offering  free entry to Winter Wild for school-age children in our region.

So young or old, competitive or non-competitive, skier or snowboarder, Microspikes or yaktrak, or in and out of wheelchair can all enjoy at beautiful day on the mountain.

For those competitive folks: There will be a special prize for first male and female to reach the summit so start you uphill training!

For everyone else: There's an extensive raffle during the awards ceremony.

Come join us:

Register for Winter Wild Championships here.


  1. Does the uphill prize start with B and end in EER?

  2. RedHook is, indeed, sponsoring Winter Wild and most likely will be incorporated in the prizes, but I'm think something unique to Winter Wild. I just got SONY to give out a couple W series Walkmen that may go as the prize or possibly some snowshoes... Also considering M ONEY if we get enough pre-registered racers that we know we have our expenses covered. Any suggestions?