Friday, September 30, 2011

Pocono 70.3 Update

Just got an email from Ironman today:
"Due to the hazardous river conditions which have developed over the last few days, the National Park Service and event organizers have jointly decided to cancel the swim for Sunday's race.

Heavy rains this week have caused the river to crest at an extremely high level and currents to run at speeds too dangerous to allow athletes in the water. After reviewing the river forecast, we've determined it will not recede to a safe enough condition by Sunday.

We know you've trained hard and we've worked tirelessly to bring you a first-class race...and there is still a race to be run on Sunday. Ironman 70.3 Pocono Mountains will proceed as a bike/run on the course as planned with athletes starting in a time trial format."
No swim? Duathlon? Not great for Amber as she is a TRIathlete and actually benefits from the lead she gets from the swim. However, for me this is a blessing as now I am only one sport away from actually doing well at Sunday's race. If there is some way that we can prevent the bike from happening, I am sure I can qualify for the 70.3 Championships for next year. Hmmmmm... where I would then finish last because I'm sure they'd have the bike and swim at that one.
In addition to finding out that little nugget, we also found out that several more professional women have decided to enter the race. The official pro start list is:

1)Jessie Donavan
2)Amber Ferreira
3) Desiree Ficker
4) Stephanie Jones
5)Missy Kuck 

6)Heather Leiggi
7) Sharon Schmidt-Mongrain
8) Karen Smyers
9) Jennifer Tetrick

10) Magali Tisseyre
11) Mirjam Weerd
12) Kristin White

So 12, instead of the seven that were originally listed. Any many of the late entrants are excellent bike-runners which means it will be even more challenging for Am. However, I suspect she will step up to the challenge.

Up Next: BIG breakfast tomorrow morning, then POCONO 69.1 on Sunday.

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