Thursday, September 22, 2011

10 Questions With Jeremy Woodward

1) Anyone who's seen you shirtless (lucky devils) may have noticed a little scar down the front of your chest. If you don't mind us asking, what's that from?

 The 11 inch scar that runs down my chest is from a run in with a Black Bear and Mountain Lion. Recently, while out on a ride with Amber Ferreira we encountered these two amazing creatures. I actually had to intervene in the middle of these two creature as they were about to go to battle over who gets Amber’s Cliff Bars and Gatorade. I was able to subdue the Black Bear with a “Bear Hug” technique that I learned from my years of martial arts training. The mountain lion… instea d of it chasing the two of us, Amber chased the mountain lion for miles. True Story!

In all seriousness, the 11 inch scar is the result of two open-heart surgeries to have my Aortic Valve replaced due to a bicuspid Aortic Valve that I was born with. I had my first operation in 2000. At that point I received an Aortic Tissue Valve and Aorta reconstruction. These valves come with no warranties other than the hope that it works for a few years. Mine failed shortly after and it sent me into Severe Congestive Heart Failure and I nearly died. Thank god for my stubborn wife that insisted she drive me to a Boston hospital ER the morning of July 18th 2007. If we didn’t go t hat morning it would have been lights out for good if you know what I’m saying. After a 6 week stay at a Boston Hospital I was the lucky recipient of a newly implanted Mechanical Aortic Heart Valve. These Mechanical Valves are designed to last a lifetime. However, I have to take an anti-coagulant drug daily called Warfarin to prevent clots and bleed outs. If this is not managed properly it could have devastating effects.

2) I know you played AAU ball with Matt Bonner on the same team my younger brother, Andrew, played for. You also did martial arts, right? Tell us a little about your athletic background.

I have been involved with athletics much of my life. I was fortunate to play for the Granite State Raiders AAU Basketball team for 6 years with Matt Bonner. I learned a great deal from him. His work ethic and drive were second to none. Last time he was at our house he broke a rim! This October I will celebrate my 18th year of being involved with martial arts under the direction of Jeff Hardy of Bodyworks Karate School. I currently hold a rank of 4th Degree Black Belt in combined Kenpo and I have a Black Sash in Kung Fu. To be honest Martial Arts have played a huge part in my life and a great driving force. Aim high, set a goal, make it happen!
 3) Amber has long been a fan of utilizing functional strength training and varying exercises for muscle confusion and eliciting optimal strength gains. Your program epitomizes this practice. Tell us a little bit about your program and philosophy for training.

Functional Strength training is so important to a properly designed fitness program. It may sound crazy but this concept is relatively new to the fitness industry. The old school “body builder” type of program doesn’t exist anymore with me.My feeling is that if you are going to commit 2 or 3 hours a week of strength training you want to get the most bang for your buck and your time! You need to add in the dynamic warm ups, core, power, balance and anaerobic training. Next time you are in the gym working out look around you and notice how many people are still of the old school mentality. Now get out and push some sleds, slam some power balls and do some band work.

4) In addition to the famous Amber Ferreira, you train some well-known local celebs. You working with anyone currently?

Yes, my boy Nazzy from the 105.5 Morning Wake Up Show is a ROCK STAR! He has been my inspiration this year! In late 2010 during a radio interview I challenged Nazzy off the air to do a triathlon with me someday. At first I thought this guy will never take me up on the challenge! He called me a few months later and said “It is GAME ON and lets do this together!” On August 20th 2011 at the Timberman Sprint Triathlon he finished his first triathlon smiling and wanting more! Look out 2012!!! Speaking of the famous Amber Ferreira…I was doing the math on some of my recent races and I have determined that she could just about lap me on any distance race out there!

5) Speaking of tri's, you, yourself, did a little triathlon last year. Tell us a about Ironman Lake Placid, how you got into triathlons, how you trained, what your goals were and whether you met them, and what will you change and what are your goals for IM Lake Placid 2012 which you recently signed up for?

Finishing the 2010 IRONMAN Lake Placid was a dream-come true for me. Given the grave situation I was in while in the hospital I never thought in a million years I would get the opportunity to participate in an IRONMAN race. The training started in 2007 with one lap around the Intensive Care Unit the day after my surgery, then two laps, and three laps and so on. Then 3 years later 140.6 miles… that’s a lot of laps around the ICU at TUFTS Medical Center!My goal was to just finish the race. I really didn’t care if it was 11 hours or 16 hours 59 minutes. I just wanted to finish under the 17 hour cut off time. My big goal was the fundraising that I did leading up to the race. I wanted to make an impact on our community in some way. I had this crazy goal of raising $140,600 ($1000 for every mile of the IRONMAN) for the NH Chapter of the Nature Conservancy. We ended up raiseing close to $202,000!

I’m currently signed up for the 2012 Ford IRONMAN Lake Placid and will be signing up for the 2012 Ford IRONMAN Arizona to take place in November 2012! Still my goal will be to just finish both races and stay out of the Medical Tent. Training for both of these races will prove to be a challenging as I will have a 6 month old and an almost 4 year old. Family comes first! This year and going forward I will be dedicating my racing to the IRONHEART foundation. This is an incredible group of athletes and individuals that have been to hell and back and then some! We also have some very exciting news to share in the near future relating to 2012 IRONMAN Arizona and the IRONHEART Inspire group.

6) Can you gives us any info yet?

I will be hosting the IRONHEART Classic 5K run/walk presented by Keller Williams Realty and JEREMYS BOOTCAMP. This will take place on Saturday May 5th 2012. Christine Tatro and I are really excited to bring this event to the Concord region. Website…

7) What would you say to someone who said they couldn't do a triathlon?

I would tell them to go on You Tube and search the IRONMAN…You Will Do This video. Within 5 minutes of watching the video I can almost guarantee that they will find a triathlon and get signed up.

8) Your wife and you are expecting your second child. How does crossing the finish line after an IM compare to bringing your progeny into the world?

My wife and I are expecting our second daughter on November 1st 2011. If our new arrival gets antsy like her sister did she will be here in the next few weeks. Crossing the finish line was special but being a dad is the most amazing and rewarding experience in the world! There is nothing that even comes close to trumping that! Funny story here…I took my daughter to a local 5k race just recently to watch. They had a kids race going on and I asked her if she wanted to do it. She responded back to me with “Daddy I can’t do the big race because I don’t have my Dora Watch on”

9 We view the 1 and 1/2 hours that we spend in your class as some of the most valuable time spent training. What would you recommend for someone, not training for a competition, but rather to be "fit for life"?

Just get out and do it! We only get one chance at this thing called life. We can make a hundred different excuses and why we can’t do something. Find a class that’s right for you and make the commitment to get fit. Remember this is a lifelong journey!

10) Last question. What would win in a battle: a black bear or a mountain lion? Feel free to cite real-life examples as well as your knowledge about combat, fitness, etc.

See answer to question number 1.

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