Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Top Ten Reasons to Run Mount Washington

A brief retort to Steve Wolfe's blog.

10. Every March I look forward to seeing whether I get in or not to the lottery. It's like Christmas in March(or at least a lesser semi-formal holiday). I have gotten in 25% of the time, but by volunteering through the Gate City Striders two years and being a mountain goat the third, I have been able to earn a spot each year. If you're willing to volunteer or run up six other mountains the previous or are fast enough to secure an elite spot then you can bypass the lottery. Otherwise you get to let the fates decide. Like I said, I have won the lottery 75% of the time by not being selected.

9. Eccentric strengthening has been shown to help ward off injuries as well as make you stronger. Not only does Mt Washington Road Race allow you the opportunity to run up but for no extra cost you can get some strengthening in on your way down. And its faster than a car!

8. The weather can be epic! I have had bluebird days at the summit four years in a row. Two of those years were overcast and lousy below treeline. Sure it can be cold and wind-blown, but where else can you say you ran up the mountain with the worst weather ever recorded?

7. Every year I have gotten a very different shirt. Very unique and I prize each one.

6.  Great races are built around a very loyal fan-base. This one is on par with Boston or the Kingman Farm Snowshoe Race.

5. What's nice about this race is, that since there is no other race like it to compare it to, times mean very little so nobody cares how fast you did it in.

4. I love all the endless stats, streaks, records, books, bumper stickers etc.

3. For only $80 you get to run up Mt. Washington, get a fleece blanket, a finisher's medal, the feeling of self-effiency on finding your own way down and free ice cream and soda. At least it's not $300 like the bike race.

2. One of the only races that walking is faster than running.

1. There's only one hill.

With that being said, If you're a runner in New England, I'd still recommend you avoiding this give me a better shot getting in.


  1. I didn't come here to be retorted :-)

    PS: you can have my spot. Wait, I've never had a spot (in 6 attempts). Some lottery!

  2. I like the quick retort on the retort :)

    The tricky thing is I think we're all vying for those same eight slots not taken up by volunteers, mountain goats and elite athletes.

    Glad to see you're our new mountain bike captain.

  3. Every time I run that race (bad descriptive word for this) I swear "NEVER AGAIN" It took me 9 years before I went back a 2nd time. Then it took me another 8 years before I went back for a 3rd try. This year was my 5th attempt. I brought up a group of 10 and as I passed the our fastest guy at 5.5 mile mark. I was walking and he was running. What a sucker!!!