Monday, April 19, 2010

Double Weekend

Last weekend, I fairly successfully pulled off 1)the Merrimack River 10 Miler, 2) Dan Ford 5 Miler and 3) the Great Bay Half Marathon for a total of 28 racing miles in two days. This past weekend I decided to up the ante a little and do the Exeter Marathon on Saturday and the Muddy Moose 14 Miler on Sunday for a total of 40 racing miles over the weekend. All said and done it appears that I did about 30 miles of racing and the last 10 miles slogging along wishing I had chosen the 4 miler.

Looking back at the marathon splits that I ran on Saturday I should have known not to push my luck. While I did PR by four minutes in Exeter, it wasn't a pretty race. It was a battle of attrition with nearly each mile getting progressively slower.
Mile 1: 6:03
Mile 2: 6:18
Mile 3: 6:12
Mile 4: 6:16
Mile 5: 6:22
Mile 6: 6:11
Mile 7: 6:12
Mile 8: 6:25
Mile 9: 6:18
Mile 10: 6:12
Mile 11: 6:11
Mile 12: 6:22
Mile 13: 6:13
Mile 14: 6:18
Mile 15: 6:14
Mile 16: 6:27
Mile 17: 6:41
Mile 18: 6:33
Mile 19: 6:18
Mile 20: 6:31
Mile 21: 6:37
Mile 22: 6:40
Mile 23: 6:34
Mile 24: 6:45
Mile 25: 6:43
Mile 26: 6:39
Mile 26.2: 1:17
Total: 2:47:45

The race was an out and back course and despite the small field of ~50 runners, there was good fan support and plenty of aide. It was a great and well run race and I will definitely be back for it next year.

I then spent the evening in Balcony seats at the Colonial Theater in Boston watching CATS which definitely tightened up my legs.

The next morning came early and I called Rich Lavers telling him I wouldn't be going to the race(smart) only to moments later reconsider and call back, begging a ride(not so smart). I still hadn't made up my mind whether I was going to do the 14 or 4 miler which happen simultaneously and run the first 2 miles together. Even at the start of the race I wasn't sure which I was going to do. At the turn, left for the 14, right for the 4, I turned left(stupid). I then proceeded to be passed by nearly the entire field of runners, barely making it home in daylight(or so it felt).

Despite my fatigue, the coolness of the race did not go unnoticed and I think I'll try it again next year on fresher legs.

Thanks to Scott Mason for the photos.

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  1. I really wanted to do Muddy Moose this year but honestly didn't think about it when I came back from going up to Quebec. There's just something about running in stinky sticky mud that just makes me want to run my slowest 14 miler ever.

    I'm still pretty impressed that you did it after running a marathon the day before.