Monday, April 3, 2017

A Tragic Loss to the New England Racing Community

I awoke this morning with the intent to write about all the fun I had with my siblings in Atlanta weekend only to find out my friend and Gate City/ aR teammate Jeremiah Fitzgibbon had been tragically killed while bicycling yesterday. While the details aren't clear on what exactly happened, he was hit by a 24 year old driver. When I first saw it, I initially didn't believe it as this would be in true Jeremiah form as an elaborate April Fool's Day prank. I then saw the WMUR report and knew it was sadly true. Jeremiah was one of the first people I met when I started snowshoeing and quickly became a fixture at local races. Always friendly and almost always with his little dog, he was a great guy with a quick wit. He seemed to always be racing and yet he'd spend the whole time asking you about your races and schedule. Really just a class act.
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The aR Crew: Jeremiah is between Chris Dunn and Rich Lavers
I lost contact with him when I stopped racing in 2014, but I'm sure that he was still out there racing and competing. And it does not surprise me that he was out riding in freezing temperatures yesterday when he was hit. While his death is certainly sad, it heartens me to know how many people were positively impacted by having him in their lives and that he went out doing something he loves.

Appreciate every single day you have on this planet and hug your loved ones tonight.

We will miss you Jerry!

Until next time,


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