Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Did Zoolander Work for UPS?

If you have ever seen the movie Zoolander, Ben Stiller's eponymous character Derek Zoolander cannot turn left throughout the entire movie. At the very end, he does and he was so proud of himself: 

Matilda: Derek that was unbelievable! 
Derek Zoolander: I know! I turned left! 
Matilda: Yeah, that too, but Derek, you saved the prime minister of Malaysia!
Derek Zoolander: Oh, right, cool. 

Clearly it was pretty important that he was able to finally turn left. But why couldn't he before?
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It could be because he was employed by the UPS.

I just read an article about UPS and its strategies for improving efficiencies and one such strategy is to prohibit(for the most part) drivers from turning left. Supposedly this reduces traffic accidents(something like 60% of accidents occur with drivers turning left) as well as improves time and fuel efficiency as they don't spend their time burning time and fuel waiting to cross oncoming traffic. The UPS has such sophisticated maps that it provides routes that minimize or entirely avoid any left handed turns.

Next time you are behind a UPS truck see for yourself; they will most likely not make any left-handed turns. Even if it is to save the prime minister of Malaysia.

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