Thursday, January 5, 2017

Danny's Predicted Finish Time at Harbison 50K This Weekend

Okay, so I know I was just writing about how I've gotten soft. BUT I was just on the Ultrasignup website for Harbison 50k this Saturday to see who else is racing and it gave my projected finish and time.

Drumroll please....

6:03:26 which would have me finishing in 39th place! I'm sorry 39th male, 48th overall.

I'm not typically overly competitive and usually like races more to challenge myself than others but 48th place?!?!?!

At a trail race with less than 200 racers? I. DON'T. THINK. SO.

Now looking at some of the entrants ahead of me does make me think a podium finish isn't likely with my current fitness and their recent good results, but still I'm certainly not going to be happy with a 6:03:26. That's pretty much the pace I ran a marathon on snowshoes. I may be soft but I'm NOT that soft.

In fact, I won't be happy with anything slower than 4:44:44 which was my first ever marathon and one I managed to walk the last 8 miles or so. After running the first half marathon with Rollerblades in my backpack. Haven't hear that story? Next time you see me, I'll tell you the details:) Bottom line I'll roll myself down the hills if I have to to not fulfill this horrendous prediction.

Now I'm riled up and hopefully don't go out too fast and have to walk it in and fulfill the predictions. That would be just like me. At least when I hit the low parts of the race, I'll think back to this blog and hopefully it'll encourage me to keep moving. We will see.

Until then,


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