Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ironman Cozumel Preview and Pro Start List

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On November 27th, while the rest of us will be well into our food induced comas, Amber and her sister Deidre will be racing Ironman Cozumel. This will be a fast race. Not only because the level of competition is, again, very high in the pro field, but also because of the course itself. 

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You cannot make the swim all down hill but you can make it go with the current. And that appears to be the case here. The race is a point-to-point swim that supposedly goes with the current. Not sure if that's a positive for Amber in year's past, but this year her swim seems to be her weak link, so getting her out closer to the front is probably a good thing. 
After a fast swim, Amber will be biking a three lap course that supposedly is entirely flat but has strong cross winds. Strong enough that disc wheels are prohibited. That's a good thing for Amber since she never races with a disc and some of those bigger girls that can grind the gears won't have quite as much of an advantage. 

The run is also a flat three lap course and the wind might slow things down a little, but hopefully by the second lap, Amber will be using the crowds and the athletes just starting their own marathons to feed off of and get her to a speedy finish. 

Here's the pro female start list: 

  1. Abraham, Corinne
  2. Belanger, Valerie
  3. Bruck, Kate
  4. Capone, Lauren
  5. Cave, Leanda
  6. Ferreira, Amber
  7. Fillnow, Kelly
  8. Finger, Annett
  9. Gellatly, April
  10. Green, Erin
  11. Javens, Amy
  12. Lester, Carrie
  13. Lidbury, Emma-Kate
  14. McCracken, Amelia
  15. Naeth, Angela
  16. Roohi, Molly
  17. Schaerer, Celine
  18. Snow, Caitlin
  19. Stevens, Alena
  20. Stevens, Amanda
  21. St-Pierre, Caroline
  22. Vantassel, Amy
  23. Wendorff, Amanda
  24. Williamson, Kelly

Amber had a pretty darn good Mont Tremblant despite being just a month off of a very serious bike crash that derailed her training. I'm excited to see what three months of training can get her. Make sure to follow her and send her all your good vibes. 

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PS: Since writing this post a few days ago, 4 MORE athletes have entered the melee bringing the total athlete count to 28!

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