Sunday, August 7, 2016

Stranger Than Friction

Although it has been over two years since Amber and I crossed the finish line of our marriage, took our respective medals and kept on living our lives both together and separately, I have recently had several people asking me whether I thought I was strange that I am still so close with her and still write a blog often involving her. Even to the point, where someone saw me running with her and decided it was a worthy topic of gossip. That truly must be one said and pathetic life to think that our running lives are worthy of in-depth US Weekly discussions. Isn't it strange to still be in each other's lives? 

My answer: yes it is atypical.  But is it strange? Which of the following is the least strange?                 

1) Staying in a marriage where the two slowly inexorably get pulled in divergent paths. A life filled with passions un-pursued, compromises un-reciprocated, slowly finding yourself beside someone you share nothing but a place to lay your head? 

2)Getting divorced due to these differences and, at best, have a tepid distaste for the other and, at worst, an anger and bitterness that slowly erodes your trust in love,  faith in others and ability to love anyone again.


3) Getting divorced due to the recognition that those forces pulling the two apart would keep pulling. So rather than rip like a rope in a forceful game of tug of war why not be more like a zipper? We can split while each retaining the best parts of our lives together and apart.
Isn't it more strange that people can go from saying they are going to spend their whole lives with another person to hating them with a passion? Or to passionately stay in a unfulfilling and unhappy marriage?

Just my thoughts on the matter.

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