Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Iron Girl Versus Ultrarunning Boy!

In the spirit of 2016's theme of comic book heroes fighting each other(see Batman vs Superman and Captain America: Civil War), Ultrarunning Boy is facing off against Irongirl on May 22!

Irongirl vs Ultrarunning Boy
That's right this weekend, on May 22, 2016, Irongirl faces off against Ultrarunning boy. Well sort of. With copious amounts of trash talking on both sides, someone threw down the gauntlet and challenged the other one to a battle royale.

Swim & Bike VS RUN.

More specifically on Sunday, Amber will be racing Chattanooga 70.3 and her swim and bike times will go head to head to Danny's marathon time in Tobago.

1.2 mile swim +56 mile bike vs 26.2 mile run

Amber's fastest swim is 24 and her bike 2:19 for a combined total of 2:43. Meanwhile Danny's marathon PR is 2:47:45 but that was in 2010. He hasn't been able to muster up a sub-3 hour marathon since 2014.
Hot off a stellar second place finish at Quabbin Bike race, Amber's bike fitness looks to be in top form. Her swim in Texas 70.3, however, wasn't great giving up some positions with a 26:xx swim. She realistically could put down a low 25 swim and a 2:20 bike(despite her improved bike fitness Chattanooga is hilly) for a time of 2:45.

Well, we know Danny cannot run that time, BUT what is in his favor is transitions. Amber will have to transition out of her wetsuit into bike gear which is usually accompanied by some distance run. Transitions can account for anywhere from 90 seconds to 10 minutes depending on the race. That time COUNTS towards the competition. So if Amber has a 8 minute transition time and swim/bike of 2:45. Danny will have to run a 2:53 for the tie. Unlikely in the hills and heat of Tobago.  

Well since I'm writing this blog, I will sandbag my own capabilities and put my money on Amber. Realistically that would be the smart decision especially with how fit she is this year. However, it'll be great motivation to keep pushing through those low points on the run. 

To see how all this unfolds, follow Amber at for live action and Danny's results with be posted at

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