Tuesday, March 1, 2016

LSD; or Danny's Biggest Mileage to Date

Happy March! In deference to Leap Day, I took off running yesterday. Despite that, I had 413 miles so far in 2016 which is about 200 miles more than I typically would run. But with the French Guiana Marathon fast approaching, I am in full marathon training mode.

I wanna talk to you about LSD. I've never bought into running long and slow as a way to train for long and fast, but it could be that I never did enough mileage to consider it long. I ran 89 miles last week though and all 89 were slow. Not necessarily long, but certainly slow. And for those of you new to the typical Danny marathon training plan, I am usually around 20-30 miles/week in preparation for a marathon.
It will be an interesting experiment to see whether long slow distance can actually produce a good marathon. It didn't at Trinidad but I hadn't been at the higher mileage that long. All the excitement around the Olympic Marathon Trials definitely helped motivate me. I also started looking back at all the marathons that I've done, both racing and pacing. I have run all over the map both geographically as well as chronologically.

Someone had asked me how many marathons I had done and I couldn't come up with an answer so I decided to look it up.  And while doing that I decided to create a little table with my finishing times and then average finishing times overall and then for just the ones I actually "raced".

It looks like I've done 37 marathons but I left out the snowshoe marathon I did as well as the two marathons during Ironman so I'm actually at a nice round 40 marathons. Not bad for someone who didn't start running until after college.

Marathon  Time Racing or Pacing?
Gansett Marathon(Exeter) 2:47:45 R
Buffalo Marathon 2:48:21 R
Hyannis Marathon 2:49:01 R
New Orleans Mardi Gras Marathon 2:51:44 R
Kiawah Island Marathon 2:52:15 R
Gansett Marathon 2:52:46 R
Marine Corps Marathon 2:52:57 R
Rock 'n' Roll Savannah Marathon 2:54:21 R
Knoxville Marathon 2:54:24 R
Cleveland Marathon 2:58:11 R
Pittsburgh Marathon 2:58:34 R
Rock 'n' Roll Raleigh Marathon 2:58:38 R
Vermont City Marathon 2:58:49 R
Ocean Drive Marathon 3:01:41 R
Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon 3:02:21 R
Trinidad Marathon 3:03:41 R
Boston Marathon 3:07:49 R
Manchester City Marathon 3:08:41 R
Adirondack Marathon 3:10:00 R
Jackson Hole Marathon 3:18:45 R
Maine Marathon 3:19:24 R
 Cape Cod Marathon 3:20:48 R
Bay State Marathon 3:21:23 R
Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon 3:21:34 R
Breakers Marathon 3:25:30 R
Vermont City Marathon 3:26:05 R
Suriname Marathon  3:30:26 R
Manchester City Marathon 3:33:18 R
Boston Marathon 3:34:44 R
Rockford Marathon 3:42:41 P
Mississippi Blues Marathon 3:46:35 P
Delaware Marathon 3:54:38 P
Mayor's Marathon 4:26:31 R
Roxbury Marathon 4:33:23 P
Hyannis Marathon 4:44:46 P
Bear Brook Trail Marathon 5:03:41 P
Odyssey Trail Marathon 6:08:11 P
Average Marathon Pace 3:25:31
Average Pace After Eliminating Pacing 3:07:02

So on March 20th, I will be competing in my 41st marathon. Almost every "good" race I have done has been in cool temps, with the exception of Knoxville. French Guiana is unlikely to be cool but with a 6am start I'm hoping for at least cool(ish) temps. Hopefully it's a good one:) 

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