Sunday, February 21, 2016

My Trip To The Essiquibo Coast; or How to Make Coffee Without A Filter or Machine

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This past week I went up to the Essiquibo Coast to help out with the Pre-service training for the new two year health-sector Peace Corps volunteers. I did have a presentation on behavior change techniques but the real reason we were up there was to help facilitate their learning experience and provide support as they transitioned into their new lives in Guyana.
The mini-bus of speed boats-21 people can fit in these. 
To get to the town we were staying in, involving a 45 minute bus ride from Georgetown over the Demerra River to Parika. From there you take an hour boat ride across the Essiquibo River. The Essiquibo is the third largest River in all of South America and its mouth is 22 miles long. The river has well over 300 islands in it, the largest being only slightly smaller than Barbados! After a bone jarring crossing of the river in a speed boat, we then continue on for another 45 minutes along the coast to a little town called Afiance. Our home base for the week.

We were living right on the Ocean, which is still muddy and not swimmable but is beautiful. Plus the birds were amazing.

That rock they're standing on looked like a perfect place for me to run on so after running out on the road a bit, I decided I'd come back on the rock. But wait! It's not rock or even sand but MUD. Thick deep heavy mud. I snuck in to mid-thigh before I even knew it and had to push myself out with my arms nearly losing a running shoe in the process. Just another peril of running in Guyana ;) I could help but laugh at all the looks I got on my trudge back to my place covered in mud.
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I was able to find a more appropriate place to run which brought me to Lake Capoey.A beautiful(and swimmable) lake only about 3-4 miles from our place. I discovered it after running down a shaded dirt road and then brought back some other volunteers with me the next day. A fun way to spend a few hours although we ended up all getting pretty bad sun burns. Still well worth it.
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In addition to the birds everywhere, I spotted several monkeys on my run and supposedly the next village over caught a prowling jaguar just the day after I left.

It was a fun week but I am glad to be back and start working on all my projects that I have put on hold this week.

The downside of the trip was that there was a cafe across the street from where I was staying that sold espresso cheaply. I have been living off of instant coffee so this was SUCH a pleasant surprise. Every day I had at least one cup... I got back to Georgetown and the thought of going back to instant coffee was tough to take. So I picked up some ground coffee and made myself some "real" coffee. But how? I have no coffee machine, no filter and no french press.

Coffee and an egg is how.

How to make coffee with an egg

  • Boil 8 cups of water and while doing that mix 1/2 cup of coffee grounds and one egg together. 
  • When water is fully boiling, put mixture in pot and continue to let it boil for 5 more minutes.
  • Pour in one cup of cold water(this causes the coffee ground/egg mixture to sink to the bottom)
  • Pour yourself one(or more) cup of coffee without need to strain.
  • Enjoy!

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