Sunday, December 27, 2015

Actors Playing More Than One Super Character

I just saw the new Deadpool movie preview, and I’m pretty excited to see it. Not nearly as much as the Suicide Squad but in tie for second with Batman vs Superman.  In it, Ryan Reynolds who plays the title character, makes a comment about not wanting a green costume which, I’d imagine, was an intentional reference to his portrayal of the Green Lantern. I do think it’s strange that the movie industry utilizes the same actors for multiple characters. In fact, Ryan is probably one of the most prolific actors playing comic book characters also starring in Blade III and played Deadpool in one of the X-men movies

And now Ben Affleck is playing Batman after having played Daredevil. Which I think is actually really cool because he plays a masked vigilante who thinks he is above the law and can bring justice to criminals. But at least those are DC vs Marvel.

Well, Marvel, DC, Marvel in the case of Reynolds.

I know that an Infinity Gauntlet series is unlikely involving all characters in the Marvel universe because X-men and the Fantastic Four are owned by one production company while Avengers and Spiderman are owned by two other ones.  But it’d be made even harder with Chris Evans having to play both The Human Torch AND Captain America.  I think Fox actually did a reboot of the Fantastic Four with a new Human Torch so that may have solved that problem.
Captain America
Human Torch

Overall, there are actually a lot of actors who have played multiple super-heroes(or villains). I’m sure my list is not comprehensive but here’s who jumps out at me:

Nick Cage
Kick Ass
Ghost Rider

Jim Carrey
Kick Ass 2
Batman Forever
Will Smith
Suicide Squad

Halle Berry 

Josh Brolin

As Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy and the lead role in Johas Hex

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

In Kick-Ass and Avengers as Quicksilver- This is an interesting case of Quicksilver being able to be used both by X-men and Avengers since the character crossed over a lot in the books and neither producer has full rights to him. So that's the instance where two actors are playing essentially the same character at the same time(X-Men Days of Future Past and Avengers-Age Ultron). Obviously a bit different than Eric Bana then Edward Norton both playing the Hulk prior to Mark Ruffalo now taking the lead.

Benicio Del Toro In Guardians of the Galaxy and Sin City
Hugo Weaving

In V for vendetta and as Red Skull in Captain America

And looking at the above picture, how can we forget Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta and then as Thor's love interest in the Avengers Series. Then you've got the cross-over, actor of  Rebecca Romijn (Stamos?) as Mystique in x-men but then playing a non-hero alongside the Punisher.

I'm sure there are so many more but it's funny just looking at the list I've created how many actors have taken on several roles. I wonder if after having poor success with their first(look at Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Green Lantern, Johas Hex, Ghost Rider) they wanted redemption with a second(better produced hero).

So far, I'd say they've all succeeded and I'm hoping Ben Affleck does with Batman vs Superman(as well as a role in Suicide Squad I believe).

We will have to wait and see. Happy watching!

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