Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ironman Arizona and the Lost World Marathon Rapidly Approaching!

In a little over a week, Irongirl and Ultrarunning Boy will be at it again. After a half year hiatus from Ironman for Amber and(aside from a DNF in April) well over a year hiatus from racing a marathon for Danny.

I realize that there are many readers only interested in reading about Amber and probably a few readers that are only interested in my exploits, but sorry suckers: you get both :) While we are living separate lives these days, I still root for her and hope you all do too.

I will be racing the first of two marathons in 7 days in a little Ameri-Indian village in Santa Mission Guyana. I will be staying in the village the night before which is likely to entail sleeping in a hammock. I'm planning on using the "Lost World Marathon", which is in its inaugural year, as a last long run before the second race which will take place in Paramaribo, Suriname the following Saturday. As it is a trail run, hopefully the impact will be minimal plus I think with the river crossing and the fact I'll probably running slowly to see all that the jungle has to offer will help keep me from breaking down. I'm excited to be a part of the race.

Meanwhile, Amber will be in similar temperatures but far less humid as she will be competing in Ironman Arizona. With Ironman Florida no longer a pro race, Ironman Arizona has become a hot-bed of activity for all of the best triathletes to do(to start the process of qualifying for 2016 Kona, as well as to validate their spots if they were in Kona in 2015).

This year's start list is a who's who in triathlon. Take a look!

  1. Meredith Kessler
  2. Julia Gajer
  3. Michelle Vesterby
  4. Heather Jackson
  5. Melanie McQuaid
  6. Amanda Stevens
  7. Dede Griesbauer
  8. Lisa Roberts
  9. Jennifer Lentzke
  10. Rahel Bellinga
  11. Hayley Benson
  12. Ali Black
  13. Nelia Bliss
  14. Cori Burnett
  15. Katy Cargiulo
  16. Terry Casey
  17. Anna Cleaver
  18. Amber Ferreira
  19. Christine Fletcher
  20. Richele Frank
  21. Sarah Graves
  22. Sarah Haskins
  23. Michaela Herlbauer
  24. Christina Jackson
  25. Sarah Jarvis
  26. Jessica Jones Meyers
  27. Kathryn King
  28. Leslie Lamacchia
  29. Kara LaPoint
  30. Camilla Lindholm Borg
  31. Danielle Mack
  32. Mackenzie Madison
  33. Caroline Martineau
  34. Carrie McCoy
  35. Tami Ritchie
  36. Darbi Roberts
  37. Frankie Sanjana
  38. Lauren Thompson
  39. Laurel Wassner
  40. Kelsey Withrow

FORTY Female Pros toeing the line(hmmm that's more than the WTC allows for Kona!! Women get NO RESPECT) !

Having seen Amber race at the Kearsarge Hill Climb, I know her bike fitness is there, I surmise from her great win in Iceland her run is there. And her swim has never gone anywhere.. Bottom line: I suspect that despite the huge field, you will see Amber near the top of the field at the end of the day. 

So since she's racing and I'm merely having an epic last long run, save all your vibes for her and we'll keep you posted on the outcomes:)

Until next time,


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