Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Greetings from Guyana!

"The contents of this [blog] are personal and do not reflect any position of the US government or the Peace Corps."

And so it begins. The first day of orientation down here in Guyana. Yesterday I arrived and had the day to adjust. That included going for a run. Which turned into a 14 minute slog. Boy it is hot and humid down here! At least for this first week I get air conditioning so that's nice. And buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner; which frankly I cannot differentiate. They all seem almost the exact same. And supposedly this place has the best food in the city. I suspect I will be making most of my meals anyway given my meager food allowance.

Today I started orientation and I now know why things move slowly in the government. There are so many policy and procedures. I realize that most of them are for my benefit but gosh: some of the restrictions are quite limiting. The nice thing that I found out is that Guyana has a lot of national holidays so I should be able to explore the country without using my limited holiday allowance. The downside is that even holidays and weekends count against my vacation time if I leave the country(it seems that they really want me to stay in- which right now doesn't seem like too bad of a deal).

Soooo. It looks like I won't have many opportunities to get out of the country. I plan on meeting up with Kendra in the Caribbean at some point, go to Brazil(maybe to meet my brother), and then I might use a vacation day or two to go into Suriname and possibly French Guyana[Guyane]. I know my real adventure starts next week when I go to the National Psychiatric Hospital and see what state it is.

Until then I will enjoy a few exotic(to me) beers and the nice sea breeze from my hotel.


  1. This is great. keep posting as often as you can, and want to.

  2. Great update Dan be well be safe!