Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Day Around Georgetown

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Okay. I have had about enough orientation for a while. I've been in Georgetown since Monday morning and am ready to move to my site and start my assignment. Georgetown has been pleasant. I have found the National Park which is a fairly decent place to go running and today we drove around and found some nice sights and stopped at the seawall and some of the bustling markets. 
The market

Since I'm currently living out of a hotel, I have limited use for most of the wares being sold at the market but I can definitely see myself coming back there when I can cook up some of the fresh foods being sold. 

View from the hotel

Botanical Gardens

The City Hall

 The seawall is a tease. It looks nice but the water color hints at the tainted nature of the water due to both amazonian silt as well as raw sewerage. I will not likely be swimming in the ocean. What is cool about it though is that all 280 miles of it,built by the Dutch, serves a very useful purpose. It actually retins the Atlantic Ocean which is 6 feet higher than most of Guyana! 

I'm in Georgetown until Saturday morning then I head to New Amsterdam and start at the hospital on the Monday. I'll have a better idea how this year is going to go at that point. 

Until then,

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