Thursday, August 6, 2015

2015 Timberman Pro Start List

On August 16th, Amber will be competing in her first half Ironman of the season in Gilford NH. Timberman is a fan-favorite and Amber tries to make it every year. Due to the wacky way of Kona points, last year she was unable to race because she was up in the great white north competing in ANOTHER Ironman just to make it to Kona. This year she's not trying to get to Kona so she can enjoy all the beauty that Timberman has to offer.

Apparently, several other athletes must have heard about Timberman as this year's race is STACKED! There are 33 pro female triathletes competing and many are world champions. Have no fear! Amber will be right with them. She is coming off a solid IM Couer d'Alene in high temps and a win at her first ever ultra-marathon so I know she'll be in top form for this race.

Now the race is only 10 days away but Amber is doing a give-away for something that weekend but you need to follow her Pro Triathlete facebook page or Twitter to be in the running. She should be posting details soon!!!

Okay and here's the list of the pros.

The Pro Females: 

  1. Rachel Joyce
  2. Rebekah  Keat 
  3. Heather Jackson 
  4. Amber Ferreira 
  5.  Liz Lyles
  6.  Marie-Renee Vial
  7.  Jennifer Spieldenner
  8. Beth Shutt 
  9.  Jeanni Seymour
  10.  Robin Sandos
  11.  Molly  Roohi
  12.  Julie Patterson
  13.  Danielle  Ohlson
  14.  Elizabeth Noey 
  15. Michelle Mighdoll 
  16.  Amelia McCracken
  17. Kristen Marchant 
  18.  Cindy  Lewis
  19.  Leslie LaMacchia
  20.  Corrie  Kristick
  21.  Tamara Kozulina
  22. Vanessa Kelley 
  23. Amy Javens 
  24.  Caroline  Gregory
  25.  Alexandra Gordichuk
  26.  Annie Gervais
  27.  Leslie DiMichele
  28.  Jessica Chong
  29. Katy Cargiulo 
  30. Katy Blakemore 
  31. Ali  Black 
  32.  Kaitlin Anelauskas
  33.  Angela Naeth

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