Thursday, July 30, 2015

A dose of positivity

I'm sure by now you've heard about the dentist that shot a lion in Zimbabwe. If, like me, you're first response was anger, you would not be in the minority. It seems that this made so many people irate that he had to shut down his business' website and even had Sharon Osbourne say: ""I hope that [he] loses his home, his practice & his money, [as h]e has already lost his soul."

While my first response was anger, it quickly turned to sadness and pity for this guy. I know, I know, I've probably lost several of you already. I don't condone what he did but at the same time is ruining his life going to bring back the lion? Unlikely. I see this so often where we see something that we feel outraged about and we practice "justifiable rage" and actively pursue ruining someone else's life. How many times do we rally against some injustice only to create more suffering and hurt? It seems that we, as a detacted internet community with minimal human interaction to each other, have developed into a world police team that goes around defending injustices. And that's great to a degree. No other time in history is it so hard to be a bad guy. There is bound to be a camera or a blogger who caught it on tape(wow-dating myself).

 At the same time though why is it that we thinking we can be judge, jury and executioner to someone else's life and try to actively ruin it?   I get that we need accountability but it's totally unneccessary to jump on the pig pile and kick someone when he's down. Yeah, he's likely going to get extradited for what he did and probably have to pay some huge fines, but again, it's not going to bring the lion back. AND most likely will not deter people from big game hunting in the future.  It'd be great if we could bring some of this passion and donating to a cause the protects these animals from the poachers. Rather than focus on the negative let's do something positive. Instead of wishing a guy lose his livelihood, why not create some livelihoods in that country so poaching isn't so appealing?

Let's stay positive. Okay and on that note: Positive News!

It was recently announced that Ironman Lake Placid will field a female pro race in 2016. That means that Amber will be back defending her title. And I am positive she'll be there kicking some butt.

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