Monday, June 29, 2015

A Busy Weekend: Hikes, Brewfest and man vs car race; Oh and Amber finishes 4th at IM CDA!

This weekend was busy! I took Friday off to do some lab work and a dental exam for the Peace Corps. After that Kendra and I drove up north to go for a hike. We opted to do Cannon but didn't just want an out and back so decided to park the car at the base of the mountain, run the Franconia bike path to the far side and then hike up that and then down by the tram. If you've never been up Cannon it is definitely worth it for the views alone.

We met up with my Uncle Billy that night for a cookout which is always good-especially when someone else is doing the cooking:)

The next morning Kendra and I met up with my cousin Joey and his wife and my sis Marilyn and her husband and a few friends and hiked the Georgian and Harvard Falls. I'm not sure if any of you remember but a couple years ago I tried doing all of the 48 4,000 footers in NH in the winter. I think I finally quit because of driving in the snowstorms but also the idiocy of hiking mountains just because of their height. This hike we did was a great example. Nowhere near 4,000 feet, it was nonetheless a great hike with good varied terrain. Plus we finished with plenty of time to jump off the Lost River cliff(at least Matt and I did) and have lunch at the Woodstock Inn before heading over to Brewfest at Loon. Couldn't have done all that with a longer hike. Oh! And we had time to stop at Chutters for a fill up on all of our candy needs

So off to Brewfest we go. 30+ breweries most of them local. A great time and looks it will become a yearly tradition.

Traveler(one of the few non-local companies) were giving out free mustaches.

Sunday morning we drove a bit of the Kanc and I decided that I want to try to race Kendra in the car to Waterville. She dropped me off at the Greeley Ponds trail head and drove from Lincoln to Waterville while I ran it. Again, another awesome hike that I would never have done if I was just looking for height as accolades. But this was great easy hike running along two ponds. Or it was easy until the river crossings. It had been raining all night and morning and the rivers were flooded over. Made for an interesting and wet second half of the run.

One of the easier river crossings
I finished up in around 53 minutes and arrived to an empty parking lot. Did I win? Well.... Kendra supposedly had made it to Waterville about 10 minutes earlier but couldn't find the trail head. Let's call it a draw.

So wow. A busy weekend. Two hikes, brewfest and a trail run vs car challenge. And yet if you add up all the time of me being active this weekend: Cannon(2:40), the Falls(1:30), Brewfest(4:00), Trail Run(:53) and even tack on my dental exam(1:00) it was less total time(9:53) than Amber's fourth place finish at Ironman Couer d'Alene(9:58). Yes, that's right, she did a sub-10 hour Ironman in 108 degree temperatures! Congrats to Amber!

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