Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Trail Running Film Festival Comes to Concord Next Week!

On March 3rd, the Red River Theater in Concord, NH will be hosting the Trail Running Film Festival sponsored by Runner's Alley of Concord. If you haven't checked out their new store, you definitely should as it's the only local running shoe store that actually has good racing shoes. And friendly/knowledgeable workers who are runners themselves.

 Rainshadow Running's photo.

The doors open at 5:30pm and according to the website it will be: "An evening of the latest and greatest full length and short films showcasing the challenges, beauty and community inherent in the world of trail running. From world class filmmakers to the best works made by weekend warriors The Trail Running Film Festival takes the audience on a virtual run through forests, up mountains, beyond emotional obstacles and across the finish line. It’s a night filled with friends, fun and inspiration."

Sounds like a good way to spend a Tuesday evening and get some motivation for the upcoming trail season. I plan to go if I can make it out of work in time.

Oh! Since it's sponsored by Runner's Alley, you automatically get entered into a raffle for some cool stuff and everyone gets a $5 gift card for your next running purchase(even if it's just socks!).

Disclaimer:  I actually started my ultra-running career after watching a documentary on the Badwater ultra-marathon so you may not want to go just in case :)

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