Monday, December 22, 2014

A Fun Run While Getting My Oil Changed.

After several weeks of procrastinating, I finally got my oil changed. I hate getting my oil changed because it takes just long enough to be annoying but not long enough to drop it off and go do something else. I usually end up just sitting and reading some car magazine or something. However, this past Saturday, I decided to try sneaking in a run during it. I go to the VIP on Manchester St in Concord which is a pretty horrendous area to try running with no sidewalks or shoulder. I thought that I was in for an awful run.

I was pleasantly mistaken. I took an immediate right out of the lot and down Integra Dr which is a dead end but at the end of it, it turned into a fireroad and then some pretty great double track trails. It had nice sweeping banked turns, a couple steep climbs(which you could avoid if you wanted) and a few areas where the trail tapered to fun single track. I, by no means, had time to explore the entire are. I could have followed the trails for hours but as I was only scheduled for an oil change, when I met up with the Suncook River I traced it back to the road.

It was certainly a better way to spent my time than sitting reading an automotive magazine. As I reached VIP, it occurred to me that Jeremy's bootcamp was almost directly across the street. He is always offering classes which you can drop in on so I probably could have arranged to get my workout there too. I guess I no longer have any excuse for not getting my oil changed on time.

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