Tuesday, November 18, 2014

50 Tweets Til Christmas-1st 25 days

If you aren't on Facebook or Twitter, you may not have seen that Amber is do the 50 Tweets Til Christmas Challenge where she is posting a training/wellness tip or a promotional code from one of her sponsors each day from now(or over ten days ago) until Christmas.

To catch you up to speed, here are her first 25 days of Tweeting:

Day #1: Rest to grow strong: we don’t get stronger from workouts but recovering from them! #Dowork but Rest up:)

Day #2: Winter is a great time for building strength. Focus on eccentric strengthening and look forward to PRs for 2015! @DionSnowshoes

Day #3: You don't need to ride 112 miles to be healthy, 20-30 minutes will improve your lungs, heart, legs and balance! #goride @CobbCycling

Day #4: 20-30mmHg of compression increases circulation to muscles for longer endurance #gorun #playharder @110PlayHarder

Day #5: Being 1% dehydrated can negatively impact performance. Drink up! Use code:Maverick 4 Infinit Nutrition discount @TheInfinitLoop

Day #6: knee pain while running? Don't neglect hip strength. Studies show strong hips are related to running kinematics and less knee pain.

Day #7: DAILY consumption of @beetperformer juice increases high-intensity exercise tolerance #sufferbetter use code: drinkbeets1114 for 25% off http://biottajuices.com/

Day #8: Strength gains happen when you recover. Rest days are critical for progression! #recoverbetter #goprimal @PrimalSportMud

Day #9: Sitting is the new smoking. Every 2 hrs of extra couch time increases your risk of cancer. #gorun Read more here.

Day #10: periodization is huge for making gains. #gofaster with #goodcoaching #pbmcoaching

Day #11:Combination of 2 different sugars allows you to exercise longer at a higher intensity #gofarther #gofaster @TheInfinitLoop @MavMulti

Day #12: Strengthen specific functional body movements not individual parts. Efficient mvmt = dynamic stability.

Day #13: make sure 2 strengthen your r...otator cuff for increased shoulder stability and decreased injury risk @TYRSport #swimhappy

Day #14: SEVENTY = average number of seconds riders can save in a 40kTT when they shave their legs. @GilletteVenus

Day #15: Running at faster speeds requires increased glut MAX strength Read more here

Day #16: Runners who wore compression socks were able to run 6% longer than sockless group 48 hours after a race @110PlayHarder

Day #17: Another reason to get outside, low Vitamin D levels have been linked to shorter lifespan #thesunisshining

Day #18: Tis the season 4 eating! Remember @envecomposites = lightweight leader weighing in at only 145...4 grams - Have your #Turkeyandeatittoo

Day #19: watch your seat! Lower saddle positions are less optimal to generate max power @CobbCycling @MavMulti

Day # 20: What percent of US tri Olympians call NH home? Guess correct and win free swag!

Answer: Slightly Over 10% of all US Olympians call NH home!!!!

Day #21: Flying 2 a race? Dehydration is common b/c of low cabin humidity. Make sure to bring your @TheInfinitLoop hydration and race faster!!

Day #22: Another reason to #tryatri: multi...-sport athletes have less injuries than 1 sport athletes! #Swimbikerun

Day #23: Happy #thanksgiving: consume plenty of trytophan: it increases exercise performance: Read more here.

Day #24: "man can't discover new land if he is afraid to lose sight of the shores" try something new this winter! @DionSnowshoes #snowshoe

Day #25: “The most dangerous risk of all-The risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy the freedom to do it later.” Do what you love, love what you do!

If you are not familiar with twitter, all those hashtags and at signs supposedly mean something but I typically use them haphazardly in #anywayIdamnwellpleasebecauseIdon'tquiteunderstandnordoIcanenoughtolearn.

Rather than wait for me to post her updated tweets, why not just follow her on Twitter and/or Facebook?

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