Friday, August 8, 2014

Ironman Mont Tremblant 2014 Preview

Wow, it seems like we just wrote about Amber's amazing finish at Ironman Lake Placid and it's already time for her next Ironman. Next weekend, Amber will be racing Ironman Mont Tremblant in hopes of securing enough points to make the final qualifying round for Kona. She is right on the cusp as it is and just missed qualifying in the first round of selection. A top 5 finish at Mont Tremblant will likely get her to the Big Island in October.

If you may remember, Amber finished 4th at Mont Tremblant 70.3 in 2013 and I retired from triathlons after a horrendous 2012 Ironman. The half and the full, although on separate times of year, are the same course with the full Ironman just doing everything twice. So Amber should have some recollection of the course and be prepared for the surprisingly tiring rollers on the second half of the bike. What she didn't have to contend with for the 70.3 was the winds on the highway part which reportedly have the tendency to pick up as the day goes on. Just another reason for her to ride harder and fast.

The women's pro field for this race is the smallest Amber has to contend with. She will be one of only 8 females racing. However, with Tine Deckers, winner of Ironman France; Sara Gross, winner of Ironman Brazil; the ever speedy Beth Shutt, 2nd at Ironman Wisconsin and always a threat off the bike; and Melanie Burke, 2nd at Ironman Cairns a podium spot is not a guarantee(although I think it's likely).

The Mont Tremblant Female Pro Start List:
1.    Sara Gross
2.    Amber Ferreira
3.    Tine Deckers
4.    Beth Shutt
5.    Melanie Burke
6.    Sarah Graves
7.    Kelsey Withrow
8.       Sharon Gallant

Factors that may limit that podium finish include that Amber will not have a Sherpa for the weekend nor her cheering squad she had at Ironman Lake Placid. Still recovering from Lake Placid, she will need all the help that she can get. If you send go up and cheer her on, she would greatly appreciate it. If you've never been, it is a beautiful venue and well worth the trip. If you can't make the trip up to the Great White North, at least send her your good vibes.
The race starts at 6:39am on August 17th! Be sure to follow her!!!

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