Thursday, July 17, 2014

2014 Ironman Lake Placid Pro Start List

In little over a week, Amber will be racing in Ironman Lake Placid. This will be likely her last chance to qualify for Kona and after looking at the points she'll need to get, it certainly will be close. After a strong start to her Ironman season with a 3rd place finish at Ironman Texas, Amber will be racing in only her second Ironman distance race of the year which makes it hard to get the points she needs to qualify for Kona. She did already qualify for the 70.3 World Championships in Mont Tremblant in September which is pretty darn amazing considering she definitely didn't build her schedule around 70.3 points.

 Placid will always be a special race for her as this was where she first qualified to race as a professional triathlete, as well as where she would train when S2 was still together. This will be her third time racing Placid, second as a pro. Her first time as a pro did not go smoothly as she broke a spoke in transition and hung out in transition until some one was able to get her a 650 wheel. Riding 700 Enve wheels on her Argon 18 bike will give her more confidence to ride hard and strong and I'm expecting to see a podium finish again for her.

This field is definitely the smallest that she's faced but there are some really strong triathletes that will make sure to challenge Amber every kick, stroke and step of the way. Here's the start list:

  1. Amanda Stevens
  2. Amber Ferreira
  3. Rachel Jastrebsky
  4. Jessica Jones Meyers
  5. Amanda Kourtz
  6. Leslie Lamacchia
  7. Kristin Lemos
  8.  Lisa Roberts
  9. Darbi Roberts
  10. Robin Sandos
  11. Kim Schwabenbauer
  12. Kathryn Thomas
  13. Kristyn Tobey
So only thirteen women look to be toeing the line but in that list you have the ever-present threat for QT2, an awesome bike-runner and an amazing swimmer to contend with. Hopefully there won't be any blocking fiascos like at Eagleman and Amber can race her race which I suspect will be a good one.
Stay Tuned! July 27th!

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