Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Things to Do This Weekend-April 26 & 27

For those of you not recovering from the Boston Marathon, this weekend offers some fun races.

On Saturday, you can pick your poison as there is a great trail race right in Concord, or you can head into Mass for a fun bike race.

The Emerson Trail Race
This race is put on by Rich Lavers and if anyone know the Concord trails it's him. He's mapped out both a 5k and a 10 mile course which will involve a mix of terrain and will be somewhat technical but will overall be a very fair course. He is sure to do a good job showcasing just how amazing the trail network in our backyard really is. You can register for his race here.

The aR boys will be hosting the Emerson Trail Race
If you don't want to race, Rich could certainly use some volunteers so contact him if you want to help out. It would be appreciated!

The Quabbin Reservoir Bike Race
This is the race that last year Amber caught all the Pro and Cat 1-2 racers and ended up finishing second overall. The course is very scenic and is a challenging race but if you're a road cyclist is definitely a must-do race. You can register here.

Amber on her cool-down while Danny is still racing


If you didn't race a marathon the week before, or if you're a glutton for punishment like Dave Audet, you may want to check out a marathon on Sunday:

The Earth Rock Run Marathon
This inaugural race is a two loop course(there is also a half-marathon) that looks to be a fast qualifier for Boston next year in Andover Mass. Should be a good-post race celebration too. While online registration appears closed, it looks like you can register day-of. More info here.

Not in the mood for a race?
With the temps in mid to high 50's, this is the perfect weekend to get out and do some hiking. If you haven't yet, do my favorite hike: Little Haystack-> Lafayette Loop. Shouldn't take more than 3-5 hours depending on your conditioning and willingness to run.

Not in the mood to go outside?
As with every Saturday, Amber will be leading a triathlon swim at the Concord YMCA. It starts far too early for me but I hear it is quite the workout.

Then Sunday you can head over to Living Yoga and join Tina Poirier in a great morning flow yoga session. I always feel so much better after going there: Tina's nurturing spirit, the flexibility gains of yoga and the awesome music makes for a great start to a Sunday.

Regardless of what you do this weekend, try to get outside and/or be active and enjoy every day you have on this planet. As Jeremy Woodword says: Live life to the fittest!

PS: If you didn't see my Boston Marathon video, here's the link.

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