Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April in Review

Happy May Day!

April has come and gone and has been one that almost saw Amber not race at all. This year has been pretty slow for me and April was no different-only eating in one race: Merrimack River Trail Race. I had come in 4th last year running at 1:02:47 and knew I was going to be a bit slower. I ended up finishing in 8th place running 1:04:26- about 12 seconds per mile slower. Considering I had only been averaging 10 miles of running a week, I'd take it. Still does not bode well for longer distance races that I am considering for later in the year... better start training again:)

On the last weekend of the month and the last day before turning 31, Amber and I entered the Quabbin Bike Race. You can find Amber's race report here. Let me tell you, having a ten minute head start on Amber and getting passed by her like you're standing still is pretty amazing. I can't wait to see how she does at St. George 70.3 this Saturday. Oh yeah another triathlon after a five week hiatus! She is chomping at the bit to swim, bike and run again. As has been the pattern this year, this race is stacked. It is the Pro Championships so it was expected to be competitive but.... this is crazy competitive! 42 pro females! Amber has entered many races with less pros total.

Here is a list of the pros expected to toe the start line this Saturday.

  1. Anderson Christine
  2. Baker Kat
  3. Bazlen Svenja
  4. Bennett Laura
  5. Black Ali
  6. Blakemore Katy
  7. Bromme Uli
  8. Butterfield Nikki
  9. Calkins Kathleen
  10. Castro Terra
  11. Cave Leanda
  12. Corbin Linsey
  13. De Groote Sophie
  14. Deim Trish
  15. Ferreira Amber
  16. Fletcher Christine
  17. Gajer Julia
  18. Garcia Whitney
  19. Homo Malaika
  20. Jerdonek Lindsey
  21. Kehoe Danielle
  22. Kessler Meredith
  23. Leiggi Heather
  24. Lidbury Emma-Kate
  25. Luxford Annabel
  26. Madison Mackenzie
  27. McQuaid Melanie
  28. Mensink Lisa
  29. Norden Lisa
  30. Paterson Lesley
  31. Pedersen Camilla
  32. Piampiano Sarah
  33. Riveros Barbara
  34. Seymour Jeanni
  35. Shapiro Margie
  36. Shutt Beth 
  37. Smith Jessica
  38. Tomenson-Bharadwaj Miranda
  39. Walsh Beth
  40. Wernick Charisa 
  41. Williamson Kelly
  42. Wurtele Heather
But I'm not scared for Amber, because in addition to kicking butt at Quabbin she has been training like crazy as can be seen by the below photos:

Losing at Mini-golf

Cutting back on meals

Realizing that's not a good idea
Core training
So as you can see Amber is MORE than prepared enough to take on all these pros this Saturday in Utah.

Follow her at and I'll be trying to update her Facebook page with race details as I get them.

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  1. You guys should really have a race photographer trailing you around taking scenic shots of all this!!i=2491028850&k=dfHstd3&lb=1&s=A