Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Quebec City Snowshoe Race!

Amber and I just got our confirmation of entry into this Saturday's 10k snowshoe race up in Quebec City as part of their Winter Carnival. Amber was invited to compete and I was able to sneak by(probably by last name alone). It wasn't until today though, that I was able to figure out how to turn the website into any decipherable language(it was originally in French), so this was my first exposure to the race course.

It looks flat! By the description "5 times the 2 km loop on the Plains of Abraham" does not sound very hilly to me. It does look exceptionally beautiful running through the old part of Quebec. I expect this race is going to be VERY competitive as it offers a price purse as well as has nearly 1,000 racers. ONE THOUSAND! Most races that we've competed in are lucky if they get 200 racers. This will be interesting. The snowshoe race is part of the larger Winter Carnival festival which includes a skating event as well as a pentathlon. However, despite Amber wanting to both the snowshoe race and the pentathlon, it is on a separate weekend so she won't have the opportunity.

Just as she did when she had to ride her trainer before the World Snowshoe race last year where she finished second, she has another long trainer ride the day before this year as well.
We're heading up with J Massa and his wife, Steph, and I expect Kurt Perham has a trainer ride on his schedule as well so Steph and I may be taking in the sights on our own Friday.

I'm not sure whether they will be doing any sort of live posting of results but you can check out the website here. Should be another fun weekend:)

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