Friday, December 28, 2012

The Year(s) In Review

I figured since everyone, including Amber, has done a year in review, I would as well. I changed it up a little in that this will be the first two years of the decade(2011-2012) in review.

The Year of the Broken Spoke
Amber's first year as a professional triathlete was not without incident as she had seemed to be cursed by a broken spoke that would never die. First at Ironman St George where she sat on the side of the road for 45 minutes because nobody else had 650 wheels, before having a bike mechanic tape the spoke in place. Then a month after losing out on a podium spot by 4 seconds(the time it took her to hug me on the run course) at Mooseman, she suffered another broken spoke at Ironman Lake Placid. Was she doomed at the Ironman Distance? One would think so until Ironman Arizona came where she put together a great race and finished with a solid 9:42. Oh yeah, and she came in second place at the Snowshoe Nationals out in Cable, Wisconsin.
Amber plugging up before Snowshoe Nationals
In the pain cave
Making the US team! Again!

Amber meeting new people
Galveston, Texas
Zion National Park
Vegas Baby!
St George, UT
Danny trying to catch Amber at Mount Washington

The Ferreira's at the 3rd Annual Gold Jacket Tournament

Fellow triathlete, Eric Gattie, getting married

Genny getting married the day before Eric-in Philadelphia-that made for a long wedding road trip weekend

Danny suffering through Cape Cod Marathon
Meanwhile, I, apparently not having gotten my fill of travel with trips to Wisconsin, Galveston Texas and St. George Utah, decided to travel with my mom to visit my sister in Munich, Germany. Then a few months later traveled again to Shanghai and Beijing. It was a great year to travel.

The great wall with Marilyn and Matt

Hiking with my mom, sister and sister's fiance

Salzburg, Austria


Supposedly Georgia's Largest Flea Market-discovered after moving Andrew to Atlanta
2012 will always be remembered as the year where we lost our cousin Kevin. His death helped me put in perspective what was truly important to me in life and helped me try to live each day like it could be my last. I cut out activities that I do not enjoy and have started to focus more on those that I do.

Kevin and me playing baggo
Falling Waters with cousin Will

My parents at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame shortly before the Cleveland Marathon
Hiking Katahdin
Descending Mountain Washington
Deep Sea Fishing with my dad and brother, Matt
Right before Danny's retirement from Ironman races
At the RI6 Hour Relay with Rich L, Sean S, and J Massa
Amber and Danny at Matt's Wedding
aR after Danny's race director debut at Winter Wild Championships
Meanwhile, Amber took it to mean she needed to eat and race more which is exactly what she did.
Amber after getting the Silver Medal at the World Snowshoe Championships
Amber eating

Amber Racing

Amber Winning(Pumpkinman)

Amber eating

Amber Racing

Amber Winning(Rock N Race)

Amber eating some more
  To be fair I also had my share of eating, especially when I went down to Atlanta with all the food contests:

But not impossible

The difference is Amber is ripped.

A rare moment of down time

Two Little Elves

Amber and Craig Alexander

A great homestay in Oceanside CA

A superstar in our midst

Must be taper time?

See you next year!

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