Thursday, November 15, 2012

Don't Be a Kitten Killer!

I once heard that for every purchase you make online, one kitten is slaughtered. Now of course this doesn't need that you shouldn't do any shopping online(this would lead to an influx of cats and who really likes cats anyway?) but rather should do so judiciously. For instance, in the market for a mail-order bride? I doubt there are many better avenues to purchase one than online. However, there are many things that should and can be bought locally.

Fruits and Vegetables-regardless on where you stand on global warming(you know there is a chance that ALL of the scientists in the world are wrong), locally grown fruits and vegetables are HEALTHIER for you. This is due to the simple fact that they don’t have to travel as far to reach you which means they have likely retained more of their nutrients.  Also if the farmers are local, you are more likely to ensure that what you are consuming is GMO and pesticide-free.

Bikes-I once thought it was a good idea to buy a bike online until it arrived with two different sized wheels, a frame too small for the shortest of Snow White’s friends, and a frame color so bright that it even made Ryan Kelly cringe. It is really easy to find deals on the web for bikes but unfortunately they mostly result in bad deals. A better option? Head up to MC Cycle and Sport in Laconia and talk with Myles Chase the owner and a fellow ultrarunner. He can fit a bike to you (rather than try to fit you to a bike) that works for your body and price range.  Plus, who does the maintenance for a bike bought online?

Running Shoes- For course you can buy shoes online, and I do advise you to if you have a favorite shoe that you know works perfectly.  In fact, buy several just in case they stop making them the way you like them(curse you Nike Lunaracer II). However, if you’re unclear on what shoe is best for you or if you have had an injury that results in a changing of your running gait/mileage, there is no better place than Runner’s Alley in Manchester or Nashua. Their staff is comprised of actual runners and all seem really knowledgeable and have never steered me wrong(other than to suggest that I would look good wearing running shorts in public).

Yoga-Now this one should be obvious but I don’t know how many of my patients have said, oh I do do yoga, I have a video. They then demonstrate the most hideous downward dog pose you can image, putting strain on exactly the joints they should be off-loading. I have absolutely no problem with yoga videos once you have been instructed upon your form and technique in a class. For your body’s sake, it is worth the investment to have a good yoga instructor go through and monitor your form. As I mentioned previously, my two favorite yoga studios are Living Yoga and Quest and while different in type of yoga practiced are very similar in their fastidiousness for correct form. The same notion applies to Cross Fit, Pilates, Tai Chi, karate etc. Make sure you get someone to look at your form before you go and do it on your own.

Rehabilitation- Do not, I repeat do not, go online and buy yourself a product that claims to fix your plantar fasciitis, low back pain, neck pain or any other sort of injury that you may have sustained from likely running, biking or swimming too long or fast with too little training. A HUGE population of people that self-diagnose themselves do so incorrectly which means that you could be buying something that can actually make things worse… Get yourself checked out. Whether you see Dr. O’Connor at ConcordOrthopedics, Amber at the Center for Sports Medicine, or Brett Copeland at Performance Health you can rest assured that you’re in the hands of a health care professional who is also an athlete. You can bring in your products that you purchased at 3 am on the Shopping Channel and they can throw them out for you.

Fun- Some will argue that you can buy fun online, in the form of television shows or games or with social media. Obviously, I am doing just that as I write this blog up. But I’m also dressed in my hiking gear waiting for my ever-late cousin to show up so we can climb Lafayette. That is what online should be used for: the moments between the fun activities, rather than the fun activities themselves. So put down your kindle, close your laptop or shut off your smart phone and go outside and explore, enjoy and have some fun. No seriously. Do it now. That way you can be healthy, happy and maybe even save a few kitten’s lives by not making some impulsive online shopping choices.

See you out there.

And see Amber this Sunday at IRONMAN ARIZONA 7am Pacific Time and track her here

We did finally make it up Lafayette and almost down before dark. Here's a picture of me on the Franconia Ridge.


  1. Great post. I love that ridge. However it can be one very nasty place. Last summer I was going up there on what was billed as the warmest day of the year. Not so much on top. I had hoped to do 4 peaks from Lafayette over to Flume but after 3 peaks and fighting freezing rain, hail and pouring rain I said to myself NO MAS. And I cut down the Falling Waters trail.

    Go Amber!!!

    1. It is certainly my favorite hike. I used to run it in preparation for Leadville. I hiked it with Amber and a few others just last week and there was waist deep snow and 50mph wind gusts with zero visibility. From my experience that's actually par for the course. This time was a purely a lucky and wonderful experience... Hoping its a sign that God's on Amber's side this weekend down in AZ:)

  2. Those kittens in the mugs are so cute.....I ordered 6 online.

    1. Guess you have to kill a kitten to save a kitten. Just don't do that with a bike:)