Friday, September 28, 2012

When Amber goes away, Danny comes out to play!

So Amber has left for the weekend to go down to Pennsylvania for Pocono Mountain 70.3 this Sunday. That has left me to my own devices. No one to wake me up two hours before I need to wake up in the morning with an incessant alarm clock that she so amazingly can sleep through. She also isn't there to encourage good eating so I have been like a pig in dirt(or maybe just a plain pig) spending every meal eating at places that she wouldn't step foot in, no less eat at. Mmmm but it tastes soooo good. Admittedly, my stomach has been somewhat revolted but I will persevere.

Oh yes the life of a bachelor. Eating out, sleeping in, writing blogs about my wife. Oh well, I guess I wasn't foolin' anybody. As much as I'm looking forward to pacing my buddy Rich at this Sunday's Smuttynose Rockfest marathon, I think I'd rather be down in Poconos with Amster. Lame I realize, but such is life. At least a day in the life of bachelor Danny.

Follow Amber at: and swing by Hampton Beach to cheer on everyone running the marathon or half. Nothing to do tomorrow? Head up to Bristol to cheer on Josh Cleland as he attempts his first stand-alone marathon or Eric Gattie doing the half during the NH Marathon. Also Clarence De Mar is Sunday so if you're in the Keene area cheer those fellas on. Plenty of NH marathoning going on this weekend. Fun had by all.

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