Monday, September 24, 2012

The IronHeart Mile, Upcoming Races, Twitter

Confession: I haven't been running much. Not specific enough for marathon training, not fast enough for mile training, and definitely not far enough to be considered an ultrarunning boy. AND... I just turned thirty so I should now be called the Running Man! I was born in 1982 which was the same year Stephen King's novel came out. How about The Confessions of a Professional Triathlete and Running Man? It could be all about Amber's exploits as a professional triathlete and mine as a wrongfully convicted man sentenced to a life of signing up for events that he is always under-prepared for. I like it. It's better than Irongirl and Mr. Cullen as Mr. Michael Wade likes to suggest...grrrr.

This past weekend, Running Man was up to his old antics, this time showing up to Jeremy Woodward's IronHeart Mile without having done speed work in, oh, 6 months.

A picture from Jeremy's other race: Ironheart 5k. Look who's front and center!
That doesn't stop Running Man from having high expectations. Those were dashed in the first quarter mile in which he took it out a little too fast trying to keep up with Connor Jennings. By the turn around at the Draft, he was already thinking about excuses that he could make... Unfortunately the runner in front of him, Jon Vinnenber, took his idea and rolled with it as he wiped out taking the turn too sharply. That was enough to keep him moving excuse free. Just fast enough to break five minutes. Barely: 4:59:34. Certainly not a PR but squeaked out an age-group win. Not because Running Man had a strong kick but because he was born two days later so he still fell under the 20-29 age group instead of the 30-39 where he would have been second.

The race was very cool as it was run on Main Street in downtown Concord and was a fair course as you ran up and down the same road(as opposed to a downhill mile). It was fun to run on roads usually filled with traffic.

I go right from the mile into the marathon this weekend as I will be running the Smuttynose Rockfest Marathon with my friend and co-race director, Rich Lavers as he tries to break 3 hours. He has come suspiciously close to it in the past and with the right motivation, I believe he can do it. I just need to make sure that I don't slow him down.
Rich and Danny(Both in Blue) at the Hoppin' Mad Fun Run with J Massa, Phil Erwin and Chris Dunn

Ms. Irongirl has some upcoming races as well starting this coming weekend with Poconos 70.3, then Miami 70.3 four weeks later with Ironman Arizona as the 2012 season finale. Lots of exciting events left to follow!

In addition to following her on, you can also follow Amber at her blog for actual triathlon talk-rather than my ramblings as well as now on twitter at: AmberTri.

Enjoy and happy runnings!

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