Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Atlanta with the Brothers

The weekend after the whirlwind tour of Cleveland, my brother Matt and I flew down to Atlanta to visit our other brother Andrew and celebrate Matt's upcoming wedding. We would only have 36 hours in ATL so wanted to pack in as much as we could in that time. As he was obviously more familiar with the area, we had left the logistics to Andrew and he didn't disappoint.
Andrew at the range
Arriving at the airport around 9am on Saturday, Andrew met us at the airport and we drove to a firing range. Matt had recently mentioned that he had(nor had I) ever fired a gun, so this would be the first thing on the agenda.
Matty's first time
While none of us were any good, Andrew was certainly the worst; missing every attempt at a head shot.
Leaving the firing range, the next stop was supposedly one of the best rib and pulled pork joints in all of ATL: Fat Matt's. Seriously. Both the  rib and pulled pork seemed really good and as I couldn't decide, I ordered one of each.
The world famous Matt, eating at the World's Famous Fat Matt's
We then headed back to Andrew's apartment, where we played pool and basketball. What weekend would be complete without some friendly competition? Andrew and Matt must have been feeling badly for me as they let me win a game of pool as well as king of the court.
Fifth floor of Andrew's Apartment: olympic sized pool, basketball and tennis courts and a track

After cooling off for a bit(it was over 90 after all), we headed over to the Braves' stadium to catch a game against the Nationals. Not having followed the season at all, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that it was actually going to be a good game with two good teams. I still think of the Nats as an extension of the Expos who will never be any good(sorry Montreal!). It ended up being a really enjoyable game, sitting out in the sun watching my first baseball game in quite some time. As an added bonus, we all won a free Moe's sub because a Brave hit a home run in the sixth inning. Since we were heading home the next day, we gave Andrew ours so that should feed him for a week.
The Nationals pulled off a victory over the Braves

Speaking of food, Andrew took us to a restaurant that was featured in Man Vs Food. It had a burger that was called the triple coronary bypass. And let me tell you- it nearly resulted in one for me. Three grilled cheese sandwiches with a pound of burger, 4 eggs, 6 slices of bacon and eight slices of cheese would have been enough. But these cruel cruel people decided that it would be fun to add a plate of cheesy fries. 
The Triple Coronary Bypass
I was able to muscle it down but then spent the rest of the night nursing a water , dealing with snide remarks from my brothers and my belly aching(literally). 
After a fitful sleep, I woke ready to go and EAT! We headed over to Buckhead, a district of ATL for all you can eat crab legs and mimosas! It was great. 
We barely had time to finish up, again jump in the pool before heading out for the airport. In 36 hours, we managed to average nearly 1,000 calories an hour(at least for the waking hours). Pretty impressive and a great taper before Mooseman the following week. Check out Amber's report on Mooseman here
Is that the Mascot of Buckhead or a real-life Mooseman? We will never know.

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