Friday, March 2, 2012

Triathlon Season is Fast Approaching: California 70.3

I realize that I'm getting a little ahead of myself talking about triathlons before Amber competing in the World Snowshoe Championship on March 11, but only two weeks after that Amber and I are flying out to San Diego for her to compete in California 70.3. This will be her first triathlon as part of the Zoot Ultra Team and she is pumped! I am too but that's because I've never been to San Diego and hear it's amazing. Also I can't wait to see Amber race. This race is traditionally very competitive and this year does not look to be any different with twenty-three professional women already signed up. Below are the professionals racing and links to their websites or blogs so you can read up on each of them. I am very excited to see Amber race as this will be her first year where she actually put in some time on the bike in the off-season. Can't wait!

  1. Kristin Andrews
  2. Michelle Bremer 
  3. Kathleen Calkins
  4. Rachel Challis
  5. Gillian Clayton 
  6. Haley Cooper- Scott 
  7. Linsey Corbin
  8. Trish Deim
  9. Amber Ferreira
  10. Heather Jackson 
  11. Meredith Kessler 
  12. Amanda Lovato 
  13. Jennifer Luebke 
  14. Mackenzie  Madison
  15. Rachel McBride 
  16. Melanie McQuaid 
  17. Lesley Paterson 
  18. Kristen  Peterson
  19. Beth Shutt 
  20. Jessica Smith 
  21. Thibodeau Karen
  22. Magali Tisseyre
  23. Beth Walsh
Up Next: World Snowshoe Championships, Winter Wild Championships at Bretton Woods, New Bedford Half Marathon and California 70.3

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