Friday, March 23, 2012

Ironman Lake Placid SOLD OUT! Not if you do Mooseman

Good news for people who didn't get a chance(or didn't want) to drive up to Lake Placid to sign up day of for the 2012 Ironman Lake Placid. Now you can qualify at Mooseman 70.3! That is actually pretty amazing news as Lake Placid is an amazing venue and with a month and a half out from Mooseman, triathletes should be fully recovered and ready to roll for 140.6.

It is a little more challenging than just showing up for Mooseman. There will only be 25 slots for Placid and it works the same was a qualifying for Kona or Lake Las Vegas. Slot allocation per age-group etc. Still it makes things a little more interesting for all those competing as another incentive to push it a little harder since you don't know whether that age-grouper ahead of you will want to take the slot for a full-Ironman or if he's a shorter distance guy.

If you were on the fence about doing Mooseman, this should be you're motivation to go out and sign up. It's an amazing race with great organization and post-race celebration, challenging course and fun atmosphere. Having the chance to qualify for Lake Placid just gives one more reason you should do it.

Amber will be doing both Mooseman and Lake Placid, but I hadn't signed up in time for Lake Placid. For a moment, I considered doing a Vermont 100/Lake Placid double but I wised up. Well actually I mapquested the distance and I'd arrive an hour after the race started(best case scenario race too) so unfortunately wouldn't be able to compete.

However, I do still plan on napping after the VT100, then making the drive up to Placid to cheer on Amber and all the other local triathletes that have made Lake Placid their Ironman destination. And hopefully maybe see a few more athletes who have qualified at Mooseman.

You can check out all that these races have to offer here(Lake Placid and Mooseman).


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  1. That's awesome you were even thinking about that double. Sounds like a good way yo suffer.